DIY Funky Bracelet

by - Monday, September 24, 2012

After making a fashionable tote bag out of an old t-shirt, now I'm gonna show you what I did on the sleeves that I cut out from the shirt.

Recycling your own t-shirt is a nice way to save money and at the same time your getting more out of that old shirt. So, let's begin..

This is a simple DIY you can make with your old shirt too. We just need a cut out sleeve, scissors, glue stick and glue gun for this.

If you haven't cut out a shirt, here's how:

1. Lay down your old shirt.

2. Sketch the line where you want to cut the sleeves using a chalk.

3. Start cutting out the lines you made. 

Sorry for the photos. I used that when I made the tote bag so it has it's own numbering.

Now, everything is ready so let's kick it off.

How to: Lay on the cut out sleeve and cut out the lower part of the sleeve. We will not be needing that  part.

Next, cut out about 4 strips from the area that you cut out earlier. This would be the strings that we're going to use on the bracelet. This could be 1/4 of an inch or about 2 cm.

Cut out the sewn part and lay the strips.

After that, pull the ends of the strips so that it would curl like this.

Then, get 3 strips and tie them together using a knot. Don't forget to leave at least 3 inches from the end to the knot for our lock later on.

Now, work on a braid until you reach your desired length.

This would be enough  for my wrist so I'll stop braiding.

Then, lock that using a knot.

Next, grab both ends of our bracelet and lay the excess strip together like this.

After that, get the 4th strip and wind it around the ends of our bracelet. Cut out the excess.

Then, using a hot glue, secure the ends of the winded strip in place. This would make our bracelet adjustable.

Lastly, make a knot on the ends of our bracelet so it would not go off the adjusting area.

And now, you have your  nice DIY Funky Bracelet in no time. That's really easy and fast.

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Happy Recycling!

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