Hi there!

It's me, Elaine, the author of this humble page. I previously called my blog as "I'm a Proud Crafter" because of my love for do-it-yourself craft projects and all things artsy-fartsy. However, I have changed it to "Misselayneous Things" because this is now more of a personal blog and I have not only blogged about arts and crafts but also a few product reviews too. 

I wanted it to be more personal and I want to reach out more Filipino readers so I made a few changes. I hope you will enjoy exploring my blog! 

A few facts about me...

I am 27 years old...
I am a graduate school student taking up Masters in Psychology...
I am a proud PUPian...
I am currently working as an HR Manager in a distribution company in Valenzuela City...
I started this blog around December of 2011.
I love every thing that is in shade of grey, navy blue and maroon..
I have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Ashton Irving (5SOS), Park Hae-Jin (Cheese in the Trap) and Matthew Grey Gubler (Criminal Minds Series)
My favorite song right now.. Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Last book I read is The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
My hobbies are..surfing my FB newsfeed :) seriously that's what I do..
I love to learn baking and so I bake cakes and cupcakes from time to time.
I love paintings and so I usually paint when I am in the mood.
I love korean novelas and so I can watch them all day.
I love reading and so when I have spare money I try to grab a new novel on the stand.
My greatest ambition in life is to become a Psychologist and  help mentally ill patients for free. 
If I where to describe my self in one word that would be the word "serious"
I hope you get to know me a bit :)

By the way I want to hear from you. Please do me a favor and do not forget to leave a comment on my blog posts. Thanks!

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Have a Nice Day!

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