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The Blogger:

The author of this blog is known as "miss(Elayne)ous",  in the real world she was often called as Elaine or Layne. 

She is a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology degree holder and dreams of taking a Master's degree in Psychology soon. 

[As of November 2013, I am on my second semester taking up my Masters in Psychology. Current goal in life: to finish my Masters and pass the Licensure Exam.]

She is an art enthusiast, a crafter and a crocheter as well. This blog is her way to spread creativity and express herself. 

She believes that every person is unique and so the way they appreciate and create arts.

[Every one is creative in their own unique ways]

The Blog

I'm a Proud Crafter started off with "Misselayneousthings" as its blog title. Soon, the author had the urge to change the URL of the blog but it's a little too late. So, instead of changing the Blog URL, she had the title changed to: I'm a Proud Crafter: Crafting Ideas by MisselayneousThings.

The Blog was created last December 2011 and since then, the author had shared numerous craft ideas. From scrapbooking, sewing, crocheting, making desserts, techie tips to recycled crafts. Different crafts to inspire you and do-it-yourself. 

Blogger's Note:

I hope you find some inspiration here on my blog today. Please help me spread the word, LIKE my Facebook Page, FOLLOW me on Google+Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Bloglovin' or be my Google Friend on GFC. 

Feel free to leave me a comment 'cause they made me happy. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a Nice Day!

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