DIY Crochet Your Own Guitar Strap

by - Monday, February 25, 2013

Another easy DIY craft for this month. This is actually the 2nd crochet project I'm talking about on my previous post. If you want to see my 1st crochet project this month, click HERE. If you know the basics of crochet and know how to make half double and double crochets you'll surely finish this DIY craft in no time.

I am not really into music but after our dad bought us an acoustic guitar back when I was in senior high school me and my sisters started to love it. That is also because Taylor Swift inspired us through her songs. We loved her songs and we tried our best to learn them on guitar. T. Swift's songs are easy to play and remember, thanks to her now, I know how to play a few country songs. 

So, here's an easy DIY craft tutorial for girls out their who loves to strum their guitar and play their favorite songs or for the guys that's close to your heart and shares your passion for music. If you have a guitar at home and you played it like a Rock star you'll definitely need a cool guitar strap! 

Beginners would love this DIY Crochet Guitar Strap because it's easy and the pattern is flexible. You can experiment on the length, color and style. You can also use crochet threads or yarn.

Here's the Easy Crochet Pattern:
To make your very own Crochet Guitar Strap you'll need a crochet hook and a few balls of Crochet thread or yarn. Here, I'm using a Monaco Raylon Thread that's available here in the Philippines. 

We're going to work first on the strap's body. I'm referring on the lavender part of the Crochet Guitar Strap as shown below. 
Chain 19, and double crochet to the 2nd chain from the hook all the way across all the chains and turn.
Row 2-110: Chain 3, and double crochet all the way across all stitches and turn. 
I made about 110 rows of dc only, the length of your strap depends on you so you can alter the number of rows you're going to make.
Lock the thread in place and cut the excess.

Now, let's move on to the ends of the strap. I'm referring to the black part of the strap as shown above.

Let's start first with the other end, the one attach to the bottom part of the guitar.

Attach the new thread on the end of the strap's body with a slip stitch. chain 1 and half double crochet all the way across all stitches, turn. (17)
Row 2-4: Chain 1, hdc across and turn. (17)
Row 5-8: *Slip stitch to second stitch from the hook, hdc across until the 2nd st before the end of the row. Turn and chain 1.* ( Repeat * to *) (15-13-11-9)
Row 9: hdc on the first three stitches, chain 10 and hdc on the last three stitches, turn.(6)
Row 10: hdc on first 2 st, single crochet across all chains, hdc on last 2 st, lock the thread in place. (4)

For the other end, the one attached to the arm of the guitar:
Repeat the same steps above until Row 8.
Row 9: hdc on the first three stitches, chain 75 and hdc on the last three stitches, turn.(6)
Row 10: hdc on first 2 st, single crochet across all chains, hdc on last 2 st, lock the thread in place. (4)

And that's it! You can try alternating different colors to make it more colorful and funky. Now, you can play your guitar like a rock star! Yeah!

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Happy Crocheting!

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