Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Excellent Gift for your Special Someone

Hey readers! How’s your November?

November always passed by like a blink of an eye and with just a few days left you wouldn’t know it’s already Christmas. Christmas is one of the happiest and merriest days of the year. It’s the time of celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is also the time when most people became generous, kind and selfless. That is why I really love Christmas; all of a sudden people would become openhanded and giving.

So, how do you want to celebrate Christmas 2014? Wouldn’t it be nice to give an excellent gift to someone you love without expecting anything in return?

As I’ve said on my previous blog post here, Taiwan Excellence is here in the Philippines to help Filipinos make right choices when it comes to shopping. And since it’s the time for Christmas shopping, why don’t we try something different, something that would make the lifestyle of your loved ones excellent?

Taiwan Excellence came to the Philippines to promote their campaign about Excellent Lifestyle. It was established in 1992 by BOFT and TAITRA to encourage Taiwan industries to upgrade and incorporate innovalue into their products. The Award of Taiwan Excellence today is the highest accolade awarded to Taiwan products that encapsulate innovalue. The symbol of Taiwan Excellence heralds Taiwan’s ascent to world-class quality in product innovation, design and manufacturing, representing the highest standards which Taiwan products must meet to maintain its competitive edge in the global markets.

        TAITRA or Taiwan External Trade Development Council is the foremost non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwan businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets. TAITRA boasts a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network of over 800 international marketing specialists stationed throughout its Taipei headquarters and over 50 overseas branch offices worldwide. Together with its sister organizations, Taiwan Trade Center (TTC) and Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), TAITRA has created a wealth of trade opportunities through effective promotion strategies.

So, what’s the great news?

The good news is that Taiwan Excellence is not only here to promote their products, since they know that Christmas is a special time for Filipinos, they are also here to fulfill the wish that you have for a special someone. Isn’t that great??

As a part of their campaign’s program they put up a Christmas Contest. Taiwan Excellence – Made to Enjoy Christmas Contest is a promo that would give you a chance to give an actual Taiwan Excellent product to a special someone this season of giving.

So, how can we join the contest?

Easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Go to their website: and register online. Select a Taiwan Excellent product that you want for your loved one (see products below) and share the reason why do you want that particular product for your loved one.

There would be 10 lucky winners who would be able to give the high-quality gift that they want for their special someone. Plus, one of the chosen 10 winners would have the chance to have their gift delivered by Taiwan Excellence endorser Iya Villania-Arellano. Isn’t that great (again)?

No purchase is necessary to enter and/or win the contest. When done, feel free to share the Taiwan Excellence - Made to Enjoy Christmas to your family and friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to give an excellent, high quality gift this season. Visit Taiwan Excellence’ website and join the contest.

                                                      Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Thursday!!

What a great news to start my day? 

Nuffnang and #NescafeCappuccinoPH chose my blog post for 2 premier night movie tickets of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 at Newport Cinema tonight. Ain't it great?

OMG! I really can't believe I've won another blog contest. Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for choosing my blog post and of course, Nescafe Cappuccino. Last time I've joined a blog contest, I've won a Colours giveaway from Ms. Laureen Uy's Break My Style blog and now, this. 

Just got lucky!

And just a quick update, I'm searching for work again and this time I'm after the challenge of trying out the other field of being a Psych graduate. I'm currently looking for Human Resource position so, I'd be able to experience the industrial field. I hope I would be lucky enough to find a new job soon.

Good day everyone!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Taiwan Excellence is here!

December is almost here and November would only pass by in a blink of an eye. This means that the Christmas aura is here again. Wohooo! It's time for shopping!

If you are thinking of a better gift to give this season, I have an advice for you. If you want something that would be useful, lasting and would surely make your love ones' lives excellent here's the perfect thing for you.

Why don't you try the best of Taiwan's products which are all sealed with excellence?

Thursday, November 06, 2014

NESCAFE Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I've ever had

Everyday is a brand new day! Yesterday, I just shared that I've been feeling down lately but now, little by little I can say that I am moving on.

It is always hard to find motivation to continue what you are doing. But if only you would start acting and stop thinking, change will come. And with that, I decided to start my day right. 

I woke up earlier just to catch up a few minutes with my sister before she heads to school. That's achievement # 1. Then, I ate my hotdog and egg breakfast and get ready for the day. 

First thing, I checked my email and my blog for recent comments and started with my daily chores.I also browsed the latest posts of the bloggers I followed and just by reading their blogs, I know today's gonna be alright. The sun is up but with the cool breeze, I can say that the weather is great. After 2 hours in front of my desktop, I decided to wash my laptop bag since it's sunny outside. It was one of my to-do lists since September and it's only now that I found some time to do it. Achievement # 2. 

Then, lunch came. Since I am not working anymore "after lunch" time became my "me" time. For today, I decided to search for tips on how to increase your self-esteem, how to be motivated, tips on how to take care of yourself and all that. This is my way of spending my leisure time. Reading tips and how-to's. That way I get to relaxed and at the same time learn. 

Of course, reading makes me sleepy at times and there's no better way to stay awake than a good cup of delicious cappuccino. And when I say cappuccino I don't mean heading to the nearest expensive coffee shop and spend hundreds for a cup of coffee. 

I love coffee even it's one of the drinks that I should really take into moderation. But what can I do? Coffee is really enticing especially cappuccinos. One of my personal favorite is the NESCAFE Cappuccino and it's the most indulgent coffee that I ever had. When I say the "most" indulgent, it means that I've tried several cups of different coffee brands and only Nescafe Cappuccino soothes my taste. 

What I like about Nescafe Cappuccino aside from it's rich and creamy taste, is the additional coffee foam and choco sprinkles that comes free with every sachet. It's a fun way to have to your own cup of cappuccino. It's deliciously foamy like the expensive-coffee-shop-way. It's amazing how Nescafe came up with the foam idea (I literally have to lick it up) plus the choco sprinkles that you can add on top of your cup are yummy too. You should try Nescafe Cappuccino. A sachet only costs less than 25 pesos. 

And a cup of this coffee is enough to make me feel better about myself. I enjoyed my free time and I know I deserved a delicious cup of coffee that's less expensive yet even better. This really made my afternoon "me" time motivating. So, if you want some change and you need a motivation, indulge with a cup of Nescafe Cappuccino and you're good to go!

How about you guys? How's your day so far?

What Happened Lately? (November)

Yeah! What happened lately? 

To answer the question, I'd like to apologize first, for being inactive since I don't know (pretty much when I started with my job). I'd been busy with work for the past 8 months since last year and when I finally resigned from work, school stuff got in the way. I only spent 2 days a week at school but I felt busy at home. I had some chores to do of course, but mostly I spent my hours in front of my netbook just browsing social media sites and reading anything the web offers me. After sometime, I got bored and turned my attention on reading books. Reading is what I've been doing the whole month of September and October. And thankfully I finished my 14 book goal this year.

Then, I diverted my motivations on making some cupcakes as you can read on my last post here. I really enjoyed the baking process, it's like making crafts which you can eat afterwards. It's also relaxing in the sense that you just focus your mind on the measurements and wait until the cupcakes are done. But the best part is the taste test! Aside from those slightly remarkable things that I did, I spent my time watching television, movies, playing the guitar (which I don't know if i'm playing it correctly or not) and sleeping. You know, I can really be a couch potato if I want to. 

But apart from those unproductive activities, I realized that I haven't accomplished anything this past 3 months. Well, I've finished my school requirements but I still find it unsatisfying. I don't know maybe I just feel down nowadays. Because I've set my personal goals but most of them were not fulfilled. Specifically, I've shared that I wanted to take the licensure exam this year but unluckily, I was not able to meet all the requirements before the deadline. Then, I wanted to take the civil service exam but every time I want to set up a schedule the exam slots would all be occupied. I also scheduled my research data-gathering procedures but things didn't turned out well. And the list goes on.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Newest Venture: Making cupcakes

Hey guys!

I just wanna share my current favorite, making cupcakes. Yeah! I tried it the first time with my mom and even though the shapes are not perfect the taste turned out great. Really yummy! And not just like any cupcakes that I've tasted. It's super cheap and very easy to make. I think I'm going to try selling this to my friends.

It's super moist inside. I just made up the frosting mixture because we don't have any spare ingredients but it tasted well. You should try it too.

Then, me and my mom also made the 9 inch Devil's Cake and look how it turned out. Soft and really moist inside. No frosting needed. Plus, just the right amount of sweetness. I definitely loved it.

This is the perfect treat for a perfect afternoon!

Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Update: Goals for 2014

Here's a sort of Progress Notes about my goals this year:

Goals Achieved:

#2 Finish my crochet bag project, the one I started last October 2013

Yeah! I finished the bag last July 2014 I think. I know I promised to post the pattern but unfortunately, I haven't. But I promise to share pictures of my crochet bag to you guys soon.

#7 Save at least 10,000 php

I have this savings on hand right now and I'm planning to use this for my schooling in case I won't be able to find a job soon.

Why I LOVE The Selection Series?

My sister recommended this book to me before and it's just a few days ago that I had the time to read it. After my exciting and thrilling adventure with the Maze Runner by James Dashner and finally finishing Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay, I got the interest to read this young adult novel by Kiera Cass.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Painted Shoes

Hey guys! how are you doing?

I hope everyone's fine.

The blogging world has been quiet the past few months. That's why it's hard to find the motivation to keep blogging my stuff. But nonetheless, I just wanna share what I did on my old flats...

I painted little penguins on it... and I think it turned out great.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DIY Cord (Paracord/Rastaclats) Bracelet

Hey guys! If you've been wanting to know how you can make your own easy version of Rastaclats and Paracords here's my DIY version:

Note: I found this tutorial on YouTube by helloiampika. So, if you want you can check YouTube for shoelace bracelet tutorials. I just use different material here. Instead of using shoelace, I opted a recycled one.