DIY: Seashell Necklace

by - Friday, May 17, 2013

Just because we went to the beach this summer I thought it would be nice to create something that would remind me of the place and the happy experience we had.

Fortunately, I had collected a few memorabilia.


They're so pretty and so relaxing to look at so why not turn them into a worthy work of art right?
Ugh. What a brilliant idea? Haha! Excuse me for that.

Back to the topic...

I had the idea of turning those pretty seashells into gorgeous necklaces.

Things we need: Seashells, strings, scissors.

How to:
You have to collect seashells with holes into it. If you couldn't find shells with holes, don't worry you can drill holes into them. Just be careful.

We need holes so that we can attach the string and use the shells as pendants.

Now, you can add lush by applying a clear nail polish or mod pudge on the shells. You can get more creative by painting different shapes into them.

I just painted a small blue heart on one of the shells I had.

After the paint had dried, you can now attach the string or ribbon. I used crochet threads on mine and made chains so that it would look more cute. You can use metal hooks to lock the necklace. If you don't have one try this technique. Tie adjustable knots for a necklace.

And you're done! Save those precious summer at the beach with this seashell  necklace.

After that crafting it's time to feed our tummy!

We indulged into yummy pizzas from Pizza Hut yesterday and I couldn't help it. Pizza is really one of my comfort food. 

And that's it!

Crochet your own Cross pendant. Check my tutorial.

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