Part 2: lloilo Mini Vacation

by - Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally, I have printed all the pictures from our summer getaway this year. Thanks to technology almost everything's instant. Which made me remember that I still had a few photos to share with you.

So, to finish off our Iloilo Mini Vacation album here's another set of pictures I took while we were there.

Me, my sisters' and my  cousin's hands...we had lots of happy times together.

A view on my Grandpa's rice field...

Before going back to Manila we saw to it that we went to the Rice Mill...which was our first time.

 This picture was taken while we're heading back to Manila. I think this was a shot on Aklan.

 Nature never cease  to amaze us...everywhere you turn  you'll see beautiful greens and gorgeous blues like the photos above. Really Philippines is beautiful.

 Sadly, the plan of going to Boracay didn't work because we would run out of time then. 

 Boracay, Aklan from afar...

Luckily my sister  got to capture these wonderful things before dozing off while we were all asleep on the barge. 

And that was what we did at Iloilo, Philippines, my dad's hometown, the City of Love this Summer.
A memorable trip with the whole family!

How about your summer vacation? How was it?
Share it with me.

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  1. Iloilo is one of my must-see-places in the Philippines. :) Thanks for sharing these photos, lovely!

  2. So you've been to my hometown! :) Hihi
    Wonderful photos! I especially love the sunset right there!


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