Preview of our short vacay at Iloilo

by - Saturday, May 04, 2013

Hi! I just came back from our mini vacation at Iloilo.

I had so much fun with my little cousins and my family. It feels great to finally visit my grandparents after a long time. Here are a few pictures from our getaway.

Taken at the seaside of Yapsonville, Malayu-an, Iloilo

 Taken while sailing to Calapan, Mindoro

 Lunch treat for my sister's birthday at Buto't Balat Restaurant Iloilo

Swimiming after Pili's fiesta. Pili, Ajuy, Iloilo.

There's more...I'm still organizing the photos so you can see what I've experienced.

Check back for more pictures!

My Unforgettable photos captured while traveling to Iloilo HERE.

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  1. awesome view...would love to see more pics!

    btw, thanks for the featured button link..

    Super Wander Girl


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