10 Things I Can't Live Without

by - Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey there!
How's everyone?

It's been a week since my DIY Vest right? I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything since. Honestly, I was occupied with my academic life. I'm having a dilemma with regards to which path to take...if I  would pursue a Master's or just review and take the upcoming Licensure Exam for now? Anyways, I know this is not the right place to blab about it. Enough for that!

Going back, I was inspired today to share a post about myself. Yeah! You read it right. I wanted  to share something about me since I've been blogging most about crafts only. I got the inspiration after reading a few blogs lately and finally came across Kisty Mea's Blog. Kisty is one of the Filipino Bloggers that I looked up to. I so love her blog and it was like I've known her personally whenever I read her entries. I really like her openness and the motto she's living with "live to inspire and be inspired." If you want to know her just visit her blog.

These are the material things that meant so much to me. They're so important that I always carry most of them with me all the time.

I'm not a gadget geek and I'm not one of those latest-gadget-seekers. I prefer simplicity over versatility most of the time. Since then, I only used two cellular phones. The first one is a Motorola L6 which is a gift from my parents. It's been useful to me for about five years until I decided to buy a new one. My second phone is a MyPhone T18TV Duo. It is one of the first touch screen phone with TV and Dual SIM feature from MyPhone. I'm after the user-friendliness of the phone. It is so easy to use, not confusing I must say. What I love the most about it is that both SIM works at the same time. I used my phone mainly for business purposes and half the time for leisure. Yeah, aside from texting and calling, I utilized my phone as a leisure partner. Meaning I used it on reading e-books, listening to music, watching TV and surfing the internet when I want to. The camera is not good but it's still a good buy for me since I'm not fond of taking pictures through my cellphone.

Purse and I.D.s
I'm not a fan of big wallets, the one with card slots and bill/coin purse in one which you cannot put inside your pockets. I haven't had a wallet before, I opted using coin purses instead. That way I just carry enough money and I wouldn't worry about over-spending. I made a crochet purse before and that's what I've always carry. I can put bills and coins and at the same time my I.D.s

A pen and a notebook
I dreamt of being a writer someday. But that was just a dream. Haha! Every time I try to write something I stopped in the middle never finishing it. Seriously, I always kept a pen and a notebook with me to write sudden ideas and important things. I'm forgetful at times so I really needed to jot down things. It's a great way to express ourselves, through writing. May it be in a diary, journal or just a handy-dandy notebook. 

I can't go out without this too. It's a must for me especially on hot sunny days. Carrying hankies is hygienic too right?

I used to bring medicines with me before. But after the school days, my tummy got better and instead of bringing capsules and tablets I bring candies on my purse. Just to make sure I have a first aid when I felt like vomiting on the bus. It really works for me. 

Pencil, eraser and paints
My first love is drawing. When I'm motivated I really try to express it through sketching. Nowadays, I love turning a photograph into a sketch. It's challenging and fun at the same time. I love colors and mixing paints is always a climax for me. I also wanted to learn more about graphic designing these days. 

A Book
I'm a reader by heart. Any fiction book would do as long as the theme revolves around psychological thriller, fantasy, sci-fi and romance too. J.K. Rowling, Jonathan Kellerman, Sidney Sheldon, Paulo Coelho, Suzanne Collins are some of my favorite authors.

My trinkets
I have a small collection of bracelets here and I always see to it I wear one whenever I go out. Making bracelet is one of my hobbies when I was a teenager. I love the small work of art in every bead. 

Vanity kit
Every girl has this for sure. The basic vanity kit for me includes: loose powder, lip balm, mirror, cologne and a comb. Girls can't go out without this on her bag right? It's a must for us.

Internet Connection and a desktop
Lastly, a computer with internet. I know this is being so materialistic but nowadays you can't live without it. Internet has every thing we need. If you're hungry you can order online. If you want to go shopping you can check online clothing stores. If you want to talk with your love ones why not invite them to a video call? If you need references for a school project you don't have to search a library to find a book. Every thing we needed is just a click away. It is a must for me since I'm a blogger. The internet has been my investment. Through it I communicate with you. Having no internet connection is like living in a far away land with no one to connect with, no one to talk to, no one to learn from. 

And that was the Ten Material Things I can't live without. That's excluding the precious things for me (it's a different matter). I hope you learn something about me today. 

Have a nice day!!

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  1. Hi Elayne! I see you're from the Philippines too! Its nice to know a fellow Filipina blogger here! Followed you and GFC and Bloglovin'. Looking forward o read more of yo updates! Happy Blogging! :)

  2. Great post. I also wrote a post on '8 things I can't live without' on my blog, read them here maryannetheodore.com.ng/2017/03/8-things-i-possibly-cant-live-without.html


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