Purple and Pink cellphone case

by - Saturday, May 19, 2012

      Since it's May and my sister had her 20th birthday, I decided to gave her something special and at the same time useful. Here's another crochet pattern that I made which is so easy to make and I'm sure beginner's would love to make their own. It got me a day to complete this pattern (yeah! cause i did a lot of other things besides this).

The things that you would need:
-a crochet thread or yarn of any color (I prefer purple for the base and pink for the top portion)
-a crochet hook depending on the size of your thread
-a pair of scissors

The pattern...

The pattern is really up to you guys..'cause it depends on the size that you wanted to achieve. For me, I did about 12 chains to start it up..then I slip stitched the last chain to the 2nd chain from the hook. Next, I had this 10 single crochets. Then, for the next layer I had 10 half double crochets and just keep on repeating this until you had enough layers to cover your phone. You could change the color of your thread when you reached about 3/4 of your desired height.

On the top layer, make another layer this time using double crochets. This is where we are going to slip the knot that would lock our case. Add, 2 more layers of half double crochets and you're done!

Cut the thread off, then make another 30 chains...make sure that's enough to go around the case that you made earlier. If not, add some more chains. Lastly, slip the knot that you made on the layer of double crochets alternately. Now, you have your own cellphone case that's easy to make!!

You could also put some flowers or butterflies or even hearts design to make it more cute! Good luck!<3<3<3

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  1. 夏のコーディネに欠かせない一品となるのはアナスイ iphoneケース!アナスイカラーと言えば、パープルですよね。それは天才デザインナーのアナスイにより、使われてる色で、独特のオリエンタリズムとエスニック感覚、キッチュさが溢れる!ブランドデザイン感が近いのは、ヴィヴィアン iphone ケース、Vivienneを特徴づける土星が印象的。真っ暗闇の宇宙でヴィヴィアンと一緒に引明けを待つ!ブランドのVivienneに注目!自分なりのファッションスタイルを作ろう!

    1. hey Mr. Tory, thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you put that in English. I'm not good with foreign languages. But I visited your link and I see that it's about iphone cases. I think that would match up my Purple and Pink cellphone case here.


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