Now it's time to recycle!

by - Monday, April 23, 2012

Recycling and re-using different materials would help save our Mother Earth. This day would be a perfect day to start recycling some "waste" at home. The "waste" that I'm referring to is the masking tape roll that we usually throw away after consuming all the tapes on it. The roll is made of hard paper, something like a cardboard and it looks like the tissue roll. It is a potential medium for recycling because of its hardness and stability.

Why masking tape roll?
Masking tape rolls immediately go into waste baskets when it's empty. "Sayang naman."It seems to be a good material for crafting. And since we have some at home after sending packages abroad I asked myself what could I do with these rolls to save it from throwing away.

After an hour of thinking...
I had this idea of turning it into a ragged looking cellphone holder. I used to place my phone anywhere in the house and now it would have it's own space to keep it.

You could think of something else like turning it into a pencil holder, coin bank, paper weight, or a home decor. It's up to you, just be creative!

Difficulty level of this DIY:
It's super easy you could finish it in 15mins.

Materials to use:
-1 empty masking tape roll
-1 poster color
-1 paint brush
-glue gun
-a glue stick
-pair of scissors
-pieces of cut out "maong" from old jeans (different shades)

What to do:
1. Make sure everything is in place and all materials are present.

2. Get the empty tape roll and choose a color that you want to paint it with. That would serve as the base color, so, blue would be perfect for it. Start painting the outside part of the roll.

3. After painting it, let it dry for a while.
4. Meanwhile, start cutting your maong. Cut it into small square pieces.

5. Then, cut the lower part of the squares like this...

6. When the outer side dried out, paint the inside of the roll. Let it dry.

7. Get the hot glue gun and squeeze some glue and stick a piece of maong. Do this step repeatedly until the whole roll was covered. Let it dry.

8. Add some designs like buttons or beads to enhance its ragged look and you're done!

Eight easy steps and you have your do-it-yourself ragged looking phone holder. You could place it anywhere just make sure it's on the safe area. You could also attach a folder on its bottom side to make sure that your phone won't slide out. Just trace the bottom side on the folder or cardboard that you want. Cut it out and secure it with glue. You could also add another piece of roll on top for larger phones.

Happy Recycling!!

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