DIY: To Do List

by - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here's what I found today while looking over my Tumblr archive, a cool "Real To Do List" that's easy to make, fun and challenging to do. It is about the real things that we should do for life. It is cute and lovely.

I definitely tried making my own "Real To Do List." It is super easy to make.


What you need...
Any medium you want to use. A piece of paper, cardboard, canvass or cloth. There's no limit.
Coloring Materials
A place to hang and display it. To remind you of your real task every day.

How to make it...
Just think of what you wanted to do for life. It should be something positive, a way to make your lifestyle better and to make yourself better. It could be a simple smile or a mission for life. Anything you wanted to achieve or accomplish everyday would be fine. The essence of this easy DIY craft is to be an everyday reminder of how you should get over with your day. It is a simple thing but can do wonderful changes to you if you did it right. 

After finishing your To Do List, write it on your medium and decorate it. Make it as lively and as stunning as you want. This should always get anyone's attention so you would not skip anything from your list. And that's it. Here's My Real To Do List. I just wrote the original To Do List because it is really good. 

Make your own! 


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