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by - Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photoscape is a free picture editing software. It is a useful tool especially for bloggers who are not that familiar with Photoshop. Photoscape is easy to use and has a lot of editing features you can use for your blog.

Now, I'm gonna show you how I used Photoscape to make my own blog background. Try this too and you'll realize that making your own blog background is very easy with Photoscape around.

At first, I was really satisfied with my clean, white background but as I'm beginning to explore the features of Photoscape, I suddenly want to make my own blog background.

Here's what we need:
  • Photoscape is a free software so if you still don't have it you can download it here.
  • The pictures you want to use. You have to have pictures with url link so that, it would be easy for you to upload it. If you don't have url links you can upload your pictures on image hosting websites like Photobucket, Flicker or Picasa and get the url link there.
  • Lastly, patience and determination. If you're  determined to have a customized blog background you have to work hard. And if the first time you failed, try again until you get what you want.

Let's get started...

1. Open Photoscape and choose Editor. Create a new image.

2. The size should be 1600 x 1800 or up. This is the desirable size for Blogger users. You can make it bigger just to be sure.

3. Use the Tools option to change the background color into any color you want. Remember, this would be the first layer of your background and most likely this would be the background color of your main posts and side bar. So, choose a light color if you are using black text.

4. Start opening the pictures and borders that you want to use on your blog background by choosing the Object option>Add Photo. Be sure to leave enough space on the center area for your main posts and side bar. Preferably, you can put the pictures on the sides or at the bottom part.

5. After finishing the background picture, hit save and upload it on Flicker, Photobucket or Picasa. Then, copy the image url.

6. Next, open your blogger account>Template>Customize>Background. If it is applicable for your template you can immediately upload the background picture there.

7. If not, go to Blogger>Template>Customize>Add CSS and copy the code below and paste it your CSS box.

body { background: url( scroll top center; background-color: none; }
.body-fauxcolumn-outer div { background: none !important; }

Note: Replace the green letters with your background picture's URL link. Those with red color you can alter them depending on what you want for your blog. 

8. Now, hit Apply to Blog and view your blog. You'll surely have your customized blog background in no time. Thanks to Photoscape. 

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