Tried Out Toe Nail Art

by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nail Art is really a hit until now. No wonder, because girls really love colors and cute designs. Not only you had pretty nails to show off but you get to express yourself on that little way. When you had these cute little nail arts you feel beautiful from head to toe isn't it??

Me? I never tried going to a nail spa just to have my nails cleaned. Honestly, I'm afraid they might hurt my nails while cleaning them. So, instead of going to nail salons, I just did the cleaning by myself. Aside from cleaning my toes, I also tried and attempted to make my own nail art a few times before. Some went good but I haven't had any pictures of them. Others failed because I don't have the right materials they used on spas.

Today, I tried again my best to paint my nails creatively. And this is how it turned out. I was looking forward to a blue and white stripped nails but unfortunately those colors are not available on my nail polish kit. I just grabbed two different shades of pink. A dark shaded pink, I don't know how to call this shade; and a baby pink shade, I guess.

After cleaning my toe nails, I put some tape on my nails to make those horizontal lines easier. I've learned that technique on a blog I read before. I forgot the blog's name, I'm sorry. Then, I started off with a dark shaded pink. There would be three layers: a dark one, the baby pink and then, the dark one again. But it didn't went well. I failed again. So, I just painted my nails the dark shade and make some designs on my big toe nails.

It is not that good but it looks nice to me. I realized dark shade of pink makes my toes a little lighter.

Want to learn how to make your own nail art? Try these cute finds I had.

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