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Colored sand is a great art material. With its vivid colors and texture anything you put it on would be a nice work of art. You would usually see these colored sands inside cute bottles or jars as a decorative stuff at home. It’s easy to make and even children can make their own colored sand at home. 

You only need iodized salt and colored chalks. Put enough amount of iodized salt in a scratch paper and roll the colored chalk on top of it. Repeat these several times and you would have your colored sand in just a minute. 

But my post would not just be about how to make your own colored sand at home. This would be about using colored sands in a slightly different way. Because I already had my stack of colored sands at home it became the apple of my eye today. I am going to use the colored sand to makeover a bottle of brandy. 

This is a super easy do-it yourself project which you can make at home with kids during this rainy season. So, grab those colored sands that you make and we’ll start it off. 

Things you need: 
  • Freshly made colored sand of any color 
  • Used bottle of brandy or wine
  • Glue 
  • Old newspaper (optional) 

How To: 

1. Lay down the newspapers on a clean area where you want to work. Using newspaper would make it easy for us to clean the mess afterwards.

2. Think of any concept you want or a design you want to employ for our bottle makeover. 

3. After conceptualizing your design, start drawing the pattern with glue. Be careful not to spill out too much glue on the bottle. Working slowly would be better. 

4. After completing the whole design, sprinkle the colored sand on the pattern. Make sure to cover all the glue with the sand. 

5. Tap the bottle to remove excess sand and let it dry for awhile. And now, you have your own DIY Colored Sand Art in a Bottle.

The bottle makeover is done. Instead of a dull, plain brandy bottle, you now have a new quirky bottle to use. You can use this as a flower vase, a decor or as an additional work of art at home.

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