DIY Friendship Bracelet

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012

Celebrating years of friendship! I miss my friends SO much! That's why I'm happy to see this friendship bracelet by the Purl bee. Their tutorial is really great and very easy to understand. Visit their  site and you'll get to see a lot of crochet and knitting projects to make. 

I suddenly remembered my grade school days when me and my friends used to buy nylon threads outside our school grounds to make our own friendship bracelets. And our field trip days where we used to bought friendship bracelets like what the Purl bee made.

So, what I did, I immediately looked for the materials they mentioned on their site. Unfortunately, I can't find any DMC floss at home so, I just have to use what I have at the moment, my crochet threads.

 Then, I followed the procedures and came up with this:

And we're done! It's that easy so grab your mom's DMC floss and make these bracelets for  your BFFs.

Visit the Purl bee for the complete tutorial and for more cute projects!

Thanks to the Purl bee!

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