How to Make Cute Crochet Flowers

by - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Materials needed: 

A yarn or crochet thread of any color. Me, I personally preferred using crochet threads because we want to make cute sizes of crochet flowers. If you want yours to be bigger you should opt using yarn.

A crochet hook depending on the size of the thread you're using.

A pair of scissors

A piece of yarn needle.

How To:

1. Make 4 chains, then, slip stitch to the first chain. Thus, making a circle.
2. Chain 3 then, slip stitch into the hole of the circle. 
3. Then, chain 3 again and slip stitch into the hole. Make 5 sets of 3 chains to make a 5-petal flower
4. On the last set of 3 chains, slip stitch to the hole inside the 1st set of 3 chains instead of slip stitching into the hole of the circle. 
5. Next, inside the 1st set of 3 chains make a half double crochet, 2 double crochets, a half double crochet and slip stitch into the next set of 3 chains. Repeat this step until you're done with the last petal. 
6. To finish it up, cut out the crochet thread at least 2 inches from the flower you created.  Then, use a needle and sew it at the back of the flower for extra security and cut out the excess. And that's easy as that! You now have your own cute crochet flowers to use.

Happy crocheting!

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