Update on How to fix CANON MP145 E5 error

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Hi guys! I know you're having a hard time looking for the perfect solution for this problem: HOW AM I GOING TO GET RID OF THIS E5 ERROR ON MY MP145 PRINTER?

It's really stressful when you suddenly came across this error while you're in the middle of printing some important documents. Grrr! Just like what happened to me last September 13, 2012. I have a friend who paid me to print her school project which she needed that same day. I agreed immediately because I know my CISS inks are full and I had my new ream of bond papers. Then, after printing almost three pages, yes, almost because the printing stops after 2 sentences on top of the page then, error 5 suddenly came out.

First thing I did, is took out the two cartridges and dab a dry tissue below where the ink came out. I did that to check if the cartridges still have inks inside. And both of them have inks.

Then, I put it back on...wait for a few seconds and the E5 came flashing again. I tried removing and re-installing the cartridges several times but it didn't work. I stopped there.

October 8

I tried my luck this time. Turned my printer on and waited. Luckily, the number one (1) flashed on the LED. I was really glad with that so I put a piece of paper and print. But unfortunately, the computer said that "the following cartridge cannot be recognized: color" something like that which left me with no option other than to cancel printing. Even if I tried printing with black ink only the same message appears on the screen.

I looked back on my post on HOW TO FIX CANON PIXMA MP145 E5 PROBLEM and check the links I had. What works best at this point is the post on http://www.elab.ph/forum/index.php?topic=14075.0...

I tried what they said until I finally came upon this steps:
1. While your printer is unplugged from a power source, press and hold the printer's power button and at the same time plug the printer to a power outlet. The power button will light up.
2. Still holding the power button press the reset button twice (at least 2 seconds apart). The printer will make some noise.
3. Then, after 10-20 seconds the LED will flash to zero (0).
4. Press plus button (+) and zero will change to one (1). At the same time the it will light up the Plain Paper LED.
5. Load a paper and press the color button, reset button and power button accordingly. The Photo Paper LED and power button will light up and the printer will get ready to print.
6. The printer should print some codes and lines and the LED will be back to zero (0).

On my part, I made until step 5 and cannot print anything on step 6. The paper would roll inside the printer printing nothing but inkblots on the corners. 

It's really annoying. Maybe the best thing to do is to try and try. However, this can cause further damage to your printer. So, I came upon the best TWO OPTIONS TO SOLVE THIS E5 error:

1. If your printer is not under warranty anymore or you are using a CISS you should consult a printer technician. He knows whats best for any printer. 

2. To save your from stress and loosing patience with your printer this would be a better option, this may cost you much but this would definitely solve the problem. Buy a new cartridge. That would mean an original and brand new Canon cartridge and ink. 

It's expensive but it's what the Canon printer is looking for. I hope that works with you. 

As for me, I'm still on the process of making some money to buy a new cartridge and my printer is still useless. If you think you have a better solution for this problem please do leave a comment below. Or if you are having the same trouble as mine give me some comment and share your experiences. I'll be happy to help you. Let others know that they're not alone with this problem. Smiles.

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  1. Same problem encountered here. I think it is a fairly common problem or error for this Canon model. I suspect it is a bug that is already there during manufacturing.

    1. U are right BaiHu, Best not to buy canon as they knows this problems n dont seems to help, only asked you to replace the ink that is bad.


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