Recipe for "Suman Latik" Ilonggo Style

by - Saturday, November 03, 2012

Special holidays like the past two days is made even better when you ate this simple but delicious Filipino delicacy. I'm not used to cooking but I really wanted to share this recipe to the world. Yeah! This recipe is from the province of Iloilo here in the Philippines. And Ilonggos really cook well, like my dad. 

Last All Saint's Day, we cooked this recipe because we want to have a delicious table offering. And it's the first time we're going to make this at home, here in Manila. It went good but not so well but still it's super yummy!

Here's the recipe...

"Suman Latik" or Sticky Rice with Sweetened Coconut Sauce


For the Suman
-Sticky Rice or Glutinous Rice
-Coconut cream

For the Sauce
-Muscovado or brown sugar
-Grated coconut

For the Wrapper
-Banana Leaves

Note: The amount of ingredients depends on you.

Wash the sticky rice and put it on a caserole. In our case we used a kilo of sticky rice. Add a cup of coconut cream and a tablespoon of salt. Let the mixture sit for a while, 2 - 3 hours would be enough.

On the other hand, heat the banana leaves on fire to prevent them from cutting into pieces when we wrap the rice. Make sure to wipe the leaves before wrapping. Cut them into squares. 

After 3 hours, the mixture is ready for wrapping. Get the banana leaves and lay them down on a plate. Scoop the mixture depending on the amount you opt. Wrap it and secure with straw. When all the rice had been wrapped place them in a large caserole.

Put some water and cook it until the rice is done. This would take a few hours but it's really worth the wait.

On another stove, cook the sweetened coconut sauce. Heat the pan and put the grated coconut. Add muscovado sugar and wait until it melts and blends with the coconut. Cook until it became sticky but still creamy. This is where we made a mistake because we added water not knowing that this would ruin the sauce. 

Going back, when the rice was ready place in on a plate and top it with the sweetened coconut sauce. And there you go! Your very own "Suman Latik" the Ilonggo Style. Actually this is one of my favorite Filipino delicacy and it is really delicious in Ilonggo Style.

Happy Eating!

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