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A Giftable Crochet Pattern

By Sunday, December 09, 2012 ,

It's a brand new day! I'm back!

I haven't posted anything last week because unluckily, I got sick again. Aside from that, crocheting occupied most of my free time so I can't find time to blog what's happening on my misselayneous life. Smiles.

Aside from that, I helped my little sister with her art project. Here's what we made.

A cute recycled doll for their classroom decoration. I love her little smile.

Going back, me and my sister used the new patterns I made so we can earn some before Christmas. My aunt helped us sell them and we are hoping to make more patterns before the season ends. My hands are really itching to share some pictures and soon I'd be posting the pattern. I just hope you'll come back and check how simple the pattern is.

I made this simple Qwerty Phone Case using half double crochets and double crochets. It's really easy to make. 

The first big purse I made. I wanted to make a crocheted purse collection so this would be Pattern #1. I love the combination of ecru and burgundy.

And this "Monster" mini bag...a perfect Christmas gift for your naughty little girls. My mom made the bag using double crochets and I made the strap (removable) and the monster's eyes and tongue. I think this would be a cute gift this season.

Bonus: Free Crochet Pattern

Stripped Mini Bag

A giftable crochet pattern that's perfect for Christmas. Very easy to make, unique and surely special  if you made one for your loved ones. 

For the front of the bag:
Chain 43, hdc to 2nd ch from the hook.
Row 1- 4: hdc to the next stitches, ch 1 and turn. (change color)
Repeat the pattern of row 1-4 while changing colors until you made 24 rows of hdc.

For the flap and back side of bag:
On the last hdc of the last row chain 33, hdc to 2nd ch from the hook.
Repeat the same procedure of row 1-4 for the next rows until you have 24 rows again. Change colors. Cut and lock the excess thread.

To join:
Fold the center of the bag and form it.
Sl st to join the bottom and side to the bag.

For the strap:
Chain 300 or more, hdc on the 2nd ch from hook. Hdc throughout all the chains and make 1-3 rows of hdc. Lock and cut the excess thread. Attach the strap using sl st on the sides of the bag. Add a flower.

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Happy Crocheting!

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