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by - Friday, November 23, 2012

Hi guys!

Sorry about not posting for the last eight days I think. I was kinda busy looking for ways to make money. This is of course, in preparation of the coming Christmas season (^.^). I'm staying at home for about two years since I finished college and I tried searching for a job but nothing fits my time, since I have to attend to our small business here at home as well. And now, just now, it came upon me. The idea of searching for a "stay at home job".

This week, I've been busy doing a research on the internet and I think I found a few legitimate "stay at home jobs" which includes the one I'm currently working with. Yes! You read it right! I finally found a way to work at home. It was not that easy to look for real jobs on the internet but the one I'm talking about is really legal, in a way that I just received my payment a day after a few minutes working with them. Yes! In just a few minutes or so you could earn a few cents and that cents could grow into a few bucks in hours. You just have to be patient and make sure that you past a project correctly.

Here's the first payment I received:

I received $2.61 after working for awhile with them. I just tried if they would really pay me even for that small amount. And they did! I was happy when I received that on my Paypal account. Now, I can attend to our business and at the same time I can work online and receive a few dollars while using my Facebook account.

A Legitimate Stay At Home Job

The company I'm talking about is CloudCrowd. Maybe some of you have heard this already or have been their worker for quite some time now. I was approved to join them last November 14, 2012. It was easy to become a member you just have to sign up and take a credential test and you can start working with them immediately. No more resumes needed or interviews to prepare for. What you need is a computer with fast internet connection, a PayPal account / bank account and a few knowledge about writing and grammar. And your set to your new stay at home job.

Wanna be a part of CloudCrowd?

Just go to their official website and click GET STARTED or look for the WORK AT HOME section and click LEARN MORE. After reading the details and you decided that you want to be a member just fill up the needed information on their Facebook application. Yes! You got to have a Facebook account so you can use the application / program.

SIGN UP ON FACEBOOK or log in to your account and look for the CloudCrowd app.

If you want, I can refer you immediately on CloudCrowd. Just click the link below:

After that, make sure you have a PayPal account because this is where they're going to pay you. If you don't have a PayPal account yet click the link below. Fill in necessary information and you're almost done.

When your signing up is completed you can take the English Comprehension Credential Test provided on the CloudCrowd application. If you passed the test you can start working. The work or "projects" available varies from writing, editing, categorizing, research, data entry, translation and more. You can choose what suites your credentials and  your credibility.

What I can say about CC?

So far, so good. I'm working with them for almost two weeks now and they pay me for what I have done. I control my time and the amount of work I'd like to accomplish each day. They pay you on a daily basis, I think this is their edge among other sites. You can also learn from their projects and enhance your English grammar ability especially if you're doing editing and writing projects. You click, learn and earn unlike other sites that offers micro jobs by just click, click and earn. No progress at all. 

Joining CC is a nice way to earn money even if it's not much at least you earn some while your at home surfing the internet right?

So, if you're looking for ways to make extra cash this coming Christmas you can always look for stay at home jobs like joining CC. Have a nice weekend!


If you have questions don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll help you out!

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