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My Christmas

By Friday, December 28, 2012

Hi guys! Hope you all had a good time last Christmas! How was it? Ours? It was great and at the same time it's not. I was really looking forward for Christmas because it's the only time we get to see most of our relatives living here in Manila. They all came to our house and spent the evening with us, eating, exchanging gifts and  laughing with each other's stories. However, this year it was all a quiet Christmas for us..we get to laugh and talk but not the way we had the past holidays. No sounds and no videoke because all of a sudden dad had hypertension. He can't relax and his blood pressure went up and down the whole day. We were all busy preparing food and at the same time worried for him. I don't know maybe he's thinking of something or he was so stressed that day. That was sad because Christmas was also his birthday. We printed his picture the night before so we can put up a banner saying "Happy birthday daddy!" but he haven't got the chance to even look at it. That's the sad part.

Oh well, luckily, after the party his blood pressure was normal. I hope next Christmas everything would be great! How about yours?

Before I forgot, I just wanna thank everyone who bought our crochet patterns. Thanks for appreciating our crochet products. The orders are overwhelming and we earn some good cash this season. Here are some of the patterns that were sold out.

I'm excited for the New Year's Eve! I hope dad wouldn't have hypertension that night! Have a nice day!

Happy New Year!!

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