I'm a Proud Crafter: Gaining Readers

by - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Blogging occupied most of my free time since I started it last December 2011 and luckily I'm on my 15th month. I've had my first blogging anniversary and I'm looking forward to more years of craft blogging. Lots of things happened on the way. And as I go on, I realized that I'm spending more time with blogging than I thought I would. Here's my first ever blog post: Crochet to the Limit! I didn't realized that I'm taking it more seriously. Maybe, that's because I blog what I LOVE!

Blogging is not as easy as it looks (the first thing I realized when I struggled to reach my 50th blog post). But after completing a post and linking it to other craft blogs, it's like achieving something. I shared my craft to other bloggers and I was inspired by their crafts too. I'm learning as I blog that's for sure. This motivates me to maintain my blog.

Another reason I blog, is because I know there's someone who's going to learn from me and would appreciate the craft I created. When I received a comment it was like a vitamin, your comments give me more energy. It brightens up my day! Comments are like complimentary awards for me. If I received a good comment that means they're complimenting the work I did and that makes me happy.

And speaking of good comments, yesterday, I received 3 great ones. The first came from Tina Pippo who's featuring my latest crochet project on her blog. It's the second time Tina featured my project. The first one is my DIY Pop Can Tab Bracelet which was featured here. Check Tina Pippo's blog.

The second comment came from Kelly of Smart School House. It's my first time to join her Whimsy Wednesday link party where I joined my DIY Crochet Guitar Strap and luckily she featured it.That's a great welcoming gift for me.

Lastly, the comment came from Blogsngpinoy.com. It's a blog directory for Filipino bloggers. I just submitted my blog recently and luckily again they recognized my blog as 2nd highest rated on their TOP 5 BLOGS OF FAME. It's a great thing they rated my blog and to know that Filipinos would be able to read my blog too. I hope I could keep the ratings. Plus, they're going to feature my posts this whole month of March on their Facebook page.

What a heartwarming way to end my day yesterday. I'm not expecting much when I blog my crafts but these people appreciated my works. So, to pay you back (not in the form of money :)) I promise to keep on blogging and I'll work hard to give you useful contents. I don't know how to thank all of you guys.

But all I can say is a BIG THANKS to all of you who give time to read my blog and acknowledge my craft.
Thanks. Thanks. And thanks!

I realized today that my blog: I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things gained more readers.

Please continue visiting my blog for more craft inspirations. Like my Facebook page too, there's a link above and on my sidebar. Follow me on Twitter, see the button above. I'm also on Google+ so please follow me. All links are above. Thanks again!

Have a great day everyone!!

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