DIY Valentine-themed gift tags

by - Sunday, February 10, 2013

 Hey guys! How's your week? Heart's day is coming up, luckily I managed to make another easy DIY craft you could also try. This is a perfect craft this month as it was Valentine-themed. But this is not only for couples but also for every person that's close to your heart. 

We just need a few card boards, glue, scissors, pens and a few crocheted hearts. 

Cut your card boards according to your preferred size and shape. Mine's below. Then, pair it with your crocheted hearts. If you don't know how to crochet you could watch tutorials on YouTube or you could simply go to the nearest craft/scrapbook supplies store and look for this cute crochet hearts.

Glue the crocheted hearts on the card board. You can put it on the center, upper or lower part, it's up to you.

Let it dry for a while...

Then, add up some sweet message on using your Sharpie
Spread Love!

Just because you're close to my <3
A big hug for you bro!

Or I luv you sis!

And lastly, tie those Valentine-themed gift tag on your lovely tokens. It doesn't have to be expensive, even the simplest thing would be great. Because it's the thought that counts right? Flowers and chocolates would be in but yours would surely be appreciated with this Valentine-themed gift tag hanging. The simple Valentine gift you gave would make any one's heart melt. Really.

A drink for my sporty brother.

A chocolate for my sweet sister.

And lots of Valentine-themed gift tags to use this season oh Hearts.

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