A Pink Crochet Cellphone Case

by - Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi guys! Philippines is in a Back-to-school mode this June and everyone's busy about it that I also lost the time to blog about my recent  projects.

Last week, I was rummaging my crochet box when I found a small ball of pink crochet thread. I thought I should make something out of it. Then, it came to me...since the school year's ought to begin why don't I make something for my sister who's gonna be a freshman college this year.

The bright idea crossed my mind...
Make a cute crochet phone case for her new phone.


Pin It Monday Hop I was Featured

After a few hours, I finally finished the crochet cellphone case. Haha! The color is so girly!

To add a little quirky touch to it, I decided to put a flower applique.

But what flower do I choose?

This three-layered pink flower?

The violet one?

How about this small 5 petal flower?

Can't decide what to use...I think they all went well with the pink case.

Finally, I opted the small one 'coz it's not the attention-getting-flower and it looks cute on the piece.

What do you think about my little gift? A Pink Crochet Cellphone Case to welcome her to College life.
I hope she likes it.

Do you want the pattern of this crochet phone case? Check my previous post: 

Stripped QWERTY Phone Case

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  1. Beautiful! And the flowers finishes it off perfectly.

    Have a great week!

  2. Such a sweet little gift. Gorgeous! I'm tweeting and pinning it. Have a lovely day!
    Neighbors About Town Blog

    1. Thanks for helping me spread some creativity!

  3. What a great gift! You're such a cool sister. :) I really like the case with the pink flower, but the blue is pretty too. Thanks for sharing at Pin It Monday Hop!

  4. Hi Misselayneous,

    You are such a sweet sister! This is pretty and as always I envy people who knows how to crochet. Thank you for sharing it Pin It Monday Hop. We are featuring your project in our Top 10 post this week around Wednesday. Please stop by when you can.See you!

    Pursuit Of Functional Home


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