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by - Friday, June 07, 2013

Since the start of June, lots of things came to me which  limits my time to blog. But I really THANK you guys who keeps on reading my blog and followed me for updates. You never know how you inspired me to keep on blogging. In return, I always try my best to improve this site and even my blogging grammar so I would not be silly in front of everyone.

As the new month came, I've been through Ups and Downs that I really wanna share with you. To lessen the burden, I guessed. 

Let's start with my Downs..

1. I lost the motivation to look for work again. Maybe working for others is not really for me. I would rather start an online business than keep on knocking the doors of the company  who can't even understand the meaning of entry level applicants and kept on asking if they have any work experiences. Duh.

2. I haven't had the chance to study, again. I really want to pursue a Masteral Degree or CTP but it seems that the odds are not yet in my favor. Better try again next school year. 

3. Lastly, the fact that I have to stay at home again really depresses me. I don't want to be stuck at home doing nothing besides surfing the internet. 

I don't know but those three things above really made me sad these days. I know the fault is mine so I don't have to be emotional about it. I just channel my thoughts on things that are more purposeful and realistic. Accept the fact that I'm too fickle-minded and that I really don't want to leave the comforts of our home.

Besides, I have these Ups to think about...

1. I just gained possible readers who followed me through Facebook and Twitter. So, in return I promise to keep you posted about my blog. Plus my GFC readers, Google+ followers and Bloglovin' are increasing too. Little by little my blog standing would increase.

2. I bought new crochet threads to keep me busy during my leisure time to avoid thinking about bad stuff. I'm on my way making a small bag. I hope to finish it by the end of this month.

3. I had the time to at least review for the upcoming Licensure Exam for aspiring Psychometricians like me. The exam was not yet scheduled but I'm looking forward on taking it this year. 

4. I've gained Filipino readers/bloggers too the past few months. Before, my readers are from western countries but now, I have readers who can relate to me more. I must say, there were lots of Filipino bloggers that made me proud. I hope blogging would continue to improve here in our country.

5. I'm back on reading...after reading Da Vinci Code which was the last real book I've read since 2011, I now had the chance to read books again. Not the usual books but the e-books. I've read lots of e-books before but now I had new sets and I'm planning to finish them in no time.

Those are the positive things that I'm into. They uplift my mood somehow. I think I should do some crafting soon so I can express myself more and be motivated again. I grabbed some motivating pictures from my tumblr account to keep my spirits positive.

Orange colors make you happy and energize.

Maybe that's true..we'll see.

This is what I needed. And what I always do when things had gone bad.

True. Move on.

Preparing to accept those vibes.

Be Happy is all I can say...

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  1. I found this on my e-mail =) Some inspiring words that may help us get through this =)

    "If you can get a little bit more analytical about your emotional life, today, you should make great progress in solving one particular problem that's been hounding you. When you get some free time later in the day, take yourself out for coffee or a long walk and just think. Examine the repeated patterns that have shown up in your life. Dissect where you are and where you want to go. There is a small change you can make to end the cycle and start off on a more rewarding and exciting path."


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