Crochet Phone Pouch with strap

by - Saturday, August 03, 2013

Hi guys!

I just finished another easy crochet phone case a few days ago...
And here's the pattern I promised.

This super easy crochet pattern would take you an hour to finish. This is perfect for going-out to the park or when you like listening to the songs stored on your phone while biking or jogging. I really find this crochet pouch useful when I'm doing the household chores and listening to music at the same time.

This is the final look of my crochet phone pouch pattern with detachable strap. Of course, you can fix the strap permanently if you want. I prefer tying the strap only when I want to hang it on my neck. But it's up to you. 

The Pattern:

For this Crochet Phone Pouch with Strap pattern I used a Red Heart yarn. It's my first time to use such brand and I thought it was great. Now, I know why lots of crocheters used this brand. 

I started off with 10 chains. Then, single crochet to the 2nd ch from the hook and across all chains. On the last ch stitch, make a slip st and sc on the other side of the stitches. That would serve as the base of the pouch.
Row 1-20: Chain 2, sc across all stitches, sl st. Repeat this  until you have reached the height of your phone. 
Last Row: Chain 1, sl st on each stitches across the front side of your pouch. Count the number of stitches and locate the center. Once at the center, make about 10 chains for the button (the number of chains depends on the size of the button you're going to use and where you wanna attach it). 

Then, skip one stitch and slip stitch on the next st. After that, slip stitch on the remaining stitches. Slip st on the first sl st to join. Secure the remaining yarn and cut it off.

On the other side of the pattern, attach your button.

Using Red Heart for the first time - I would definitely buy more of their yarns!!!

Now, this would be the outcome without the strap. 

To add strap, simply make chains depending on the length that you want. Then, attach it on each side of the pattern. Just tie a knot or sew them. 

For added style, I made a crochet flower using popcorn stitch. If you know how to make them, making a flower would be easy. If not, you can check this site for the pattern. I only made a row for this pattern and inserted it under the button. 

I hope you can make your own Crochet Phone Pouch with strap too!

Let me here from you: voice out your ideas and leave me a note below. You can also find me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, google+ and bloglovin' or follow me through GFC!!!

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  1. I used to crochet coin purses too but I haven't done it for months now because it makes my hands hurt. Crochet is really addictive, I won't stop until my hands hurt so bad. Do you feel the same? Hihi. This phone pouch is just as cute.

    By the way, I've read your comment. It's nice to know a fellow DIY blogger, although I've been inactive on posting DIYs for a long time now. I browsed through your blog and there's a lot of inspirations to choose from. I really look forward to trying some of them soon. And of course, you deserve a spot on my link page. Let's exchange links!


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