LEEHO Fabric Paint Pen: A Review

by - Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well, I decided to make short review about one of my favorite craft material today. Since, shirt designing is one of my favorite crafting activity it only makes sense that I'd love LEEHO's paint pens. LEEHO Fabric Paint Pen never failed my designs. The pens had been very useful to me since I started using it in high school.

My Review:

LEEHO Fabric Paint Pen is one of the most affordable paint pens available in the country today. I usually bought them at National Bookstores which only costs roughly around 40-50php each. Unlike other paint pens LEEHO's a way cheaper, right?

LEEHO fabric paint pen has different variants. You can choose from Pearl, Glow in the Dark, Glitter, and  many more. Pearl has been my favorite one. The product is good and the color does not fade. LEEHO fabric paint pen has a 3D effect on fabric so, when you use them, you'll have the embossed outcome. It is also easy to apply and you can use them best on intricate details. Just make sure that you dry them properly before washing the fabric. 

Aside from that, the paint lasts long even when bleached and machine-washed. I've tried it on my shirts and I never  worry about the paint breaking or fading away. I've also tried using it on ceramic and plastic, the outcome is also great.

All in all, LEEHO Fabric Paint Pen is a must-have. It's really a great craft material, it's cheap, it lasts long, it has lots of variants and you have lots of cool colors to choose from. 

The only negative thing I can say about this product, is that there's a chance that some of the paint bottles break easily. I don't know if it's the manufacturing or the way the store I bought it from handles the product. I bought a few bottles at the same time and from the same store before. I had to use only one color and I decided to keep the others for future use (I've checked all the paint pens to make sure they're not going to dry up before storing them). However, when I was about to use the pens, I found out that the bottles have leaks on the lid. And so, the paint dried up. Since then, I only bought paint pens when I really have to use them. 

So, if you're planning to paint some fabric just buy the right amount of fabric paint that way you're not wasting money. And don't forget to include LEEHO Fabric Paint Pens on your list of Craft material must-have. 

I used the Glow in the Dark variant when I made my Tote Bag and Polka Dots Shorts. It was really awesome, all dots are  glowing when it's all dark and its just cool!

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  1. Can i use this for plastic ? To make a personalized plastic cups for halloween

  2. Can I use this on satin ribbons?

  3. pls help cant find these anywhere even national bookstore stock is out where can i buy these leeho glow in the dark pls help

  4. Hi guys! Leeho fabric paint pens is still available at National Bookstores. Just checked out some colors last week at SM North Edsa branch and they have a bunch of these. It's most applicable for fabric. With plastic cups I am not sure but I think it will not work.


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