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My Ventures

By Sunday, September 29, 2013

I just wanna share some activity that I'm into for the next couple of days.

As I said on my previous post, I've enrolled myself into a MOOC on Coursera.org and now, we're moving on to the 5th week of the class.

I can say that I learned a lot from the professors and all activities and quizzes are so enjoyable and useful. That's why to give you a glimpse on my class, let me share to you one of the exercises that I'm actually doing right now.

The Exercise is called Ventures.

And on this activity I made some sort of a promise. Which is the same reason why I'm going to post it here, so I would always be reminded.

These are my Ventures:

Starting on September 16, 2013, I give myself permission to try new ventures in...

1. Video Editing
2. Learning how to play guitar

I will "play" at these ventures, learn rapidly, recognize that I must map the unknown with my failures and have FUN!

My progress...

As for my first venture, I did a research on websites giving out free video editing tutorial. Then, I also watched tutorials on YouTube. However, I found out that there are a lot of things to consider first before  editing a video. Like the video format, the quality and the software you wanna use. So, to do these things I have to conduct another web search to know which software to trust or what's the universal video file format. I will also try to ask some friends to help me out. The reason why I chose this venture is because I want to help my sister with her project at school but it's also for me. I want to try editing myself.

For my second venture, learning how to play the guitar...it's actually my frustration since I spend all day at home with our guitar just hanging around the corner and no one's using it. I wanna learn that really. I'm not musically inclined but I can try. So, I watched guitar tutorials and printed guitar chords too so I can practice. At this point, I memorized a few chords and I think I could play three songs from Taylor Swift. However, I'm not actually sure if my guitar sounds right. So, I still need help...and luckily, just tonight I saw this new MOOC on Coursera.org "Introduction to Guitar" from Berklee College of Music. And I'm planning to enroll on this MOOC. The class would start on October 14 and hopefully I can squeeze that on my schedule. 

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