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by - Sunday, September 29, 2013

I just wanna share some activity that I'm into for the next couple of days.

As I said on my previous post, I've enrolled myself into a MOOC on and now, we're moving on to the 5th week of the class.

I can say that I learned a lot from the professors and all activities and quizzes are so enjoyable and useful. That's why to give you a glimpse on my class, let me share to you one of the exercises that I'm actually doing right now.

The Exercise is called Ventures.

And on this activity I made some sort of a promise. Which is the same reason why I'm going to post it here, so I would always be reminded.

These are my Ventures:

Starting on September 16, 2013, I give myself permission to try new ventures in...

1. Video Editing
2. Learning how to play guitar

I will "play" at these ventures, learn rapidly, recognize that I must map the unknown with my failures and have FUN!

My progress...

As for my first venture, I did a research on websites giving out free video editing tutorial. Then, I also watched tutorials on YouTube. However, I found out that there are a lot of things to consider first before  editing a video. Like the video format, the quality and the software you wanna use. So, to do these things I have to conduct another web search to know which software to trust or what's the universal video file format. I will also try to ask some friends to help me out. The reason why I chose this venture is because I want to help my sister with her project at school but it's also for me. I want to try editing myself.

For my second venture, learning how to play the's actually my frustration since I spend all day at home with our guitar just hanging around the corner and no one's using it. I wanna learn that really. I'm not musically inclined but I can try. So, I watched guitar tutorials and printed guitar chords too so I can practice. At this point, I memorized a few chords and I think I could play three songs from Taylor Swift. However, I'm not actually sure if my guitar sounds right. So, I still need help...and luckily, just tonight I saw this new MOOC on "Introduction to Guitar" from Berklee College of Music. And I'm planning to enroll on this MOOC. The class would start on October 14 and hopefully I can squeeze that on my schedule. 

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