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What's Up Blogging World?

By Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hey guys! How's everyone!

Sorry it took me awhile to update my blog. As I've said before, I'm kinda busy with my M.A. class and have I told you that I am now working? Yeah! I am working at a clinic as a Psychometrician, the one who is responsible for administration, scoring and interpretation of Psychological Exams. Nothing's official yet 'cause I'm just starting but I can say I enjoy the job especially when I have to interview my clients. I learned a lot from them, from what they shared with me, and of course, everything's confidential.

So, I just wanna share what I've been to lately...

Since I got hired, I have attended two seminars on different hotels and that was a great experience for me. I get to socialized with other psychometricians and psychologist as well and learned more about personality tests. It's a good opportunity for me and I'm thankful that my employer allowed me to attend those events.

My first seminar certificate at work. Thanks to NMC! Sorry, I have to blur out my name for privacy purposes :)

Aside from getting hired and attending seminars, I was also able to finish my first ever MOOC at Coursera. They gave us this certificate as a Statement of Accomplishment. A nice way to keep me motivated.

Sadly, I wasn't able to finish the courses I enrolled after that one because I was too busy. But when I have time I'd love to enroll on another MOOC. No regrets!

Then, I finally had the time to meet up with my two high school friends Bel and Nhei. They are one of my closest friends back then and I was glad to see them once again after we parted ways years ago. Lots of things changed. They're both married now and they're both moms already. Time passed by so fast. Before, we we're just talking about our crushes and now, we're talking about their babies. Isn't it great? Haha! I was left single and alone (-_-)'...but happy(^_^)! I really missed them and I'm happy that they're both settled now. Nothing changed though about them, they're still the bubbly Nhei and the outgoing Bel I knew. Real friends to treasure.

And just recently, I was also able to spent a few hours with some of my college "barkada". It was really difficult to set a meet up especially that most of us are working. But with the help of the Lord, we finally had the time to go see each other. We did some strolling at the mall, eat and did some catching up. Hearing their stories and knowing that they're still there is just what I need. To know that they're still my friends and that they're still holding on the friendship that we built during our four years at college. I was really happy to just see them. I certainly hope we can meet up again. 

Next thing, I think I really had my share of good luck this year. God's been so good to me that all I wanted was given to me. I'm really grateful for that. God knows that.

I was talking about the giveaway that I've won last October. It's Ms. Laureen Uy's Blog Giveaway. I just joined the give away to try my luck and because I so want to color my hair that time. And luckily, I won the Kolours Giveaway and they sent me the prize last November. But I still haven't touched it.

I can't wait to use them. 

And that's all the important events that happened to me lately. Nothing that notable. 

How about you? 
What are you up to lately?

Share them here.

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  1. Good luck on your endeavors! :)

    Happy Holidays! ★

    Starter kit for making accessories giveaway! You might wanna check it out. :)

  2. Is it too late to say Congratulations and Good luck? :)

    Check us out too! http://piathought.blogspot.com/


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