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by - Saturday, December 28, 2013

Before 2013 ends, I am certainly hoping that I can finish my to-do list. Instead of having fun this holiday season I prefer to stay at home and read my notes. Honestly, now I can say that it's hard to study while working. It's difficult to manage your time even if you really want to. Because at work you should focus with your job when you arrived at home you'll be tired to do other things aside from going to bed and stretch your legs.

Hmp...enough for that. Let's get back with my to-do list.  As of now, I'm done with #4, 5 and 9. I'm on my way to #6 and hoping to finish that tonight. 

I missed making to-do lists and this coming 2014 I'm excited to write more to-do list. You know I  really had this thing for to-dos, maybe that's because I enjoy planning and scheduling tasks or maybe because I couldn't stay on track without any guide like. Time management is really important when you have to multi-task like with my case, I spent my weekdays at work and my weekends at school, with so little time to rest and enjoy. So, I just have to schedule things out and make the most out of my spare time. 

What about you? Any plans before welcoming 2014?

How about any resolutions? I'm planning to make one and share them here before the year starts. 

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