My Goals this 2014!!!

by - Saturday, January 04, 2014

Goals are set. Now, it's time to make them happen. I will really do my best to accomplish them all. This is actually a challenge for me, so, we'll see how many will be achieved by the end of the year. 

#1 - I have to passed my subjects this semester so I could enroll for next school year. Hopefully, my professors would be good to me.

#2 - I couldn't find time to finish that project but this Summer I would try.

#3 - I've been planning to buy the bag ever since but I always end up using the money for more important things. This time I really have to buy one. 

#4 - I've been craving badly to paint something that we could use as a home decor, so this year I promise to save some of my money to buy paints and canvasses.

#5 - Just 14 novels be it a book or  an ebook would do. 14 for 2014.

#6 - I've been to a swimming lesson before but nothing happened. I guessed I was really afraid of getting drowned. This year I'll try to overcome that fear and find time to learn how to swim. Why? Because swimming skills is necessary to survive in this world. I believe that if you know how to swim you're one step ahead everyone else.

#7 - I'm a real spender. This year I promise to control the urge to spend money by saving at least 10K for my own emergency fund. 

#8 & 9 - These goals go hand-in-hand. If I would be taking the board exam I would really really try my best to study and pass the exam because it's a MUST especially if I want to pursue a career as a Psychologist. So, good luck to me.

#10 - Save the best for last. Haha! This only means that in order to accomplish my last goal I have to meet goals 1-9 this year. This is done to motivate myself to finish all my goals this year.

And that's it. Hoping the for the best this year. 

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