DIY: Graham Balls and Marshmallows

by - Saturday, January 04, 2014

Here's a super quick and easy sweet snack you can make for the whole family. 

DIY: Graham Balls with marshmallows

This has been a hit for kids and teens so I'm sure everyone in the family would love this. It only took me about 20 mins to make 'em. So let's set the table and start rolling the balls.


marshmallows and 200g crushed Graham crackers

a regular can of condensed milk
choco powder (optional)

1. Mix the crushed Graham crackers (setting aside one tablespoon of crushed Graham) and about half of the condensed milk. The mixture would depend on how consistent and how sweet you want your graham balls to be.
2. Then, the exciting part...form them into balls. The size is up to you. 
3. After molding them, pinch the center the ball using your thumb and put the marshmallow on the center.
4. Cover the marshmallow and mold the Graham into balls. 
5. Roll the balls on left over crushed Graham. Freeze for 10mins.

And enjoy munching over your do-it-yourself Graham Balls with marshmallow.

You can also try adding choco powder on the mixture instead of adding marshmallows. This would give you chocolate flavored balls. 

I also joined this link party here:

Happy Eating!


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  1. my kids would love this!


  2. How many graham balls were you able to make on a 200g crushed graham crackers?


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