Looming before it's too late

by - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hey guys! I'm finally back!

I've been missing blogging big time. And because I have more leisure time now, I guessed this is the perfect time to be a blogger again. 

So, how's your day?

I surfed the net and I found out that some of the blogs that I used to follow also lie-lowed with blogging. I don't know, but maybe because other popular social media sites are the craze right now. People don't have the time to read what a blogger has to say. They just want to see instant photos, short posts and make internet friends. Well, what I can say is that we're free to choose what we want. 

So, as long as my page continue to exist on the net and people are still searching for the things that I posted, I would do my best to keep my blog. I'm not being sentimental but having a blog is a better way to connect with people around the world. At least, you have your own page where you can share whatever you want. And as for me, I'll try to keep up with my blog objective: to spread creativity vibes and share my crafts. 

Okay. Okay. So much for that part. 

While I'm away and busy with school and work, a fun craft had been the talk of the town (here in the Philippines). It's the Rainbow Loom Bands. Kids and adults alike had been crazy about looming these colorful rubber bands into bracelets, necklaces, flowers, hearts and other cute things. And of course, even if it's a bit late, I tried it too.

 They say that its a good way to kill time and at the same time it's addicting. So, I bought some bands and loom them into a bracelet. Here's the first loom band bracelet that I made.

I came up with a simple band bracelet and added up a snowflake flower I learned from YouTube. I had a great time doing it and it's addicting indeed. Plus, this craft uses the same hook as crochet so I had no problem with the hook and I think they somehow got the idea with crocheting, because it looks like crochet. Kids used to sell their bracelets for fifty pesos, some are cheaper. It depends on how complicated the style is. It's a fun craft because you have plenty of colors to choose from and a lot patterns to make. Just like crocheting, the pattern is almost infinite (just exaggerating).

I remember my grade school days when beads are the famous crafts for kids. There are a lot of colorful beads, in different shapes and sizes too, plus the colorful plastic threads that you can choose from. I made a lot of bracelets and necklaces that time. I guessed Loom bands is the beads of the new generation. I might buy some more and try to make other patterns too while it is still available. 

How about you? Have you tried making them? Share them below. 

Here's my loomband watch..

Have a great day!

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  1. Ah yeah I tried. The simplest one...I'm so lazy to do those things, if maybe I am younger I might be doing those things too. My little sister is fond of them, i'm fine of just watching her. I remember the trend back then was the nylon-like thread for bracelet.

    Here is the link of my dummy bracelet.
    ~ simple loombands ~


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