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What happened lately? (April)

By Saturday, April 19, 2014 ,

As you can see, I failed to update my blog lately because of work and school. I tried to come up with a post at least once a week but honestly, I don't have any idea what to write about. I don't have any inspiration and was actually loosing motivation again.

I'm on this period of life crisis again, where I lost all the motivation to continue what I am doing. This is the time when I lost interest on things and even interaction with people. But I am not depressed or anything it's just that I always had this point in my life once in a while, a time to crave for change, to try new things, to learn something new, a time to challenge myself to step up to the next level and learn from the past. To actually forget this chapter and write a new one.

To tell you the truth I was getting bored with my job and I was thinking of quitting. Even my masteral class bothered me lately. I don't know. Maybe I just need something new to keep me going. So, I thought this would not be the right time to keep posting on my blog because it's not what I really am.

Sorry for not updating. But as soon as I get back to my real self, I promised to give you cool DIY craft ideas.

For now, I just wanna give you a short update about what happened lately.

I am doing some progress with my Masteral Program. I enrolled myself this summer to take Advanced Statistics. That would be my 15th unit. Then, I also finished 2 books last month: Divergent by Veronica Roth and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I am also halfway done with Victims by Jonathan Kellerman and Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. So, that would be 4 books in four months. And lastly, my crochet bag is already getting shape and I would be uploading the pattern soon. I think that would be a cute purse this summer.

I think that would be all. Please keep on reading my previous craft ideas.

Oh wait..

I saw this post just now from PSYCHOLOGIES magazine:

‘Boredom can be good for us,’ agrees Dr Sandi Mann, a senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire who is an expert on the subject. ‘People forget that it’s just an emotion that can be both positive and negative. It doesn’t necessarily occur when we haven’t got anything to do – but more often when there’s nothing to do that interests us right now. Using boredom positively is about creating new opportunities when your mind isn’t occupied and there isn’t anything else to focus on.’
Three practical ways to practise radical boredom
  • Feet first. During the day, leave your workplace for a 10-minute walk without destination or purpose, where you can just notice what’s happening around you. And leave your phone behind.
  • Carriage calm. Resist the temptation to check your email on the daily commute and look out the window fo the train or bus instead. ‘This can be a lovely way to let your mind off the hook and just daydream,’ says Mann.
  • Embrace dull tasks. Research shows that people are more creative after doing dull tasks. So tackle the washing-up before writing that big proposal, or try getting some tedious admin tasks completed before your next important meeting.

...I think I just have to treat this boredom positively to carry on with my life :)

Have a Nice day ahead!!

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