DIY Ideas This Coming Summer

by - Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hey guys! I'm back. I had a busy February because of the school works I had to finish and I find it difficult to squeeze in blogging (sorry). But good times came. I mean I had some time off since the Valentines day and the Chinese New Year came. Oh, you don't know how much I look forward to summer. I definitely needed a vacation. So, to keep the creativity flowing again I have here great DIY ideas you must try this summer. 

If you'll be spending more time at home and you need something to kill the irksome mood why don't you try these DIY Throw Pillow Projects. These cute DIYs had been on the craft scene last year but it's never too late to do-it-yourself, right? Check them out on TheBudgetDecorator's blog. You'll love them.

(Photo Source: thebudgetdecorator)

If you're a nature-lover and you love plants I'm sure you'll have a great time doing these DIYs. I found the ideas from These colorful pots will brighten up your summer days.

(Photo Source:

Next stop, why don't you try watercolor painting? I know it may sound scary but you don't have to be a painter to try this easy DIY. All you have to do is be patient. Take out those watercolors you have and the precious pictures that you want to use. Check out GoCreative's blog for this cool DIY Watercolor Portrait Tutorial which would surely spice up your room this summer.

Summer time is also the time for bangles and colorful bracelets. So, instead of spending money on them why don't you try doing-it-yourself. Here's a simple DIY Wrap Bangles Tutorial from that you can do with your friends this coming vacation time.

Another hit this summer is the kimono cover up. It's perfect when you're going to the beach or just basking under the sun. I found this DIY tutorial at and would definitely make one.

And if you want more sewing, why not try making your own summer romper. Rompers are comfortable to wear and with this easy DIY Summer Romper you can make and personalize your own. I found the tutorial on and would try to make my own too this vacation. 

I hope I've spread some creative vibe to you with these summer DIYs. I would try making them too to make the most out of my summer vacation. If you have other cool DIYs please share them below. Have fun!

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