DIY Butter Cream Frosting without mixer

by - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Howdy readers!

I've been having a great time baking cupcakes or should I say steaming cupcakes lately. Yes! I used steaming instead of baking because I realized that with steaming you can get really moist cupcakes. You just have to be patient because steaming needs more effort. But I assure you you'll get tasty cakes afterwards. 

I got hooked up with steaming cakes last November and now, me and mom were selling some of them to our friends. I know I mentioned before that I might share my cupcake recipe but I am still learning and experimenting. Instead I'll be sharing my experience with making my own butter cream frosting. 

Cupcakes would be lonely without a touch of creamy sweetness. So, butter cream frosting is a must. At first, I tried to look for ready-made frosting on groceries but I haven't found any so, I searched everything on YouTube. I really wanted to come up with my own but I was disappointed because most of the tutorials require an electric hand mixer. 

Here's what I did.

Since we don't have any electric mixer I decided to use my hands and my arm to whisk them all. This is the DIY Butter Cream Frosting without mixer technique. This process took a lot of my energy but in about 10 minutes I've got my own butter cream frosting too. Instead of using the mixer to soften the butter and mix the confectioner's sugar, I used two forks and whisk the butter and sugar together. I started beating into the butter slowly to incorporate air and soften it. Then, I sped up making small circles into the bowl of butter and sugar adding a few drops of milk at a time. I whipped round and round until the mixture doubles and became fluffy and stiff. And I succeeded. I've got my own butter cream frosting.

These are some of the cupcakes ordered from us. Honestly, they all look and tasted good. 

So, that's what kept me busy these days. Well, these cupcakes are just in time too since Valentine's Day is coming. I am hoping to learn more techniques with the frosting and I'll keep you updated. For now, why don't you try making your own frostings too?

You just need a few cups of confectioner's sugar, half a cup of butter, a few teaspoon of milk and some vanilla and you're on your way. Let me know if you've done this DIY butter cream frosting without mixer technique too. 

Happy Frosting-making!!

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