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DIY Brick Painting

By Monday, April 13, 2015 ,


Last Sunday, I did some painting on our kitchen counters and my Dad thought that it would be nice to add some brick accent on our staircase and kitchen cabinet. So, he went to the hardware and bought the materials. But he did not bought the ready-made bricks instead we opted to do the DIY way. 

So what my Dad did, he molded small rectangles on our staircase and waited overnight for it to dry. He made the rectangles bumpy and imperfect to attain the natural texture of a brick. When the cement dried I started painting them. We chose the colors that matches the theme of our house; white, cream, pink and red violet. I just painted the bricks randomly. Let it dry for a few hours and painted another coating of blended colors. We also added the brick accent on our kitchen cabinets to revamp it.

This is how it turned out...

We were satisfied with how it turned out and we thought that we achieved the style that we wanted. It's a bit complicated but you should also try this. The molding process is the toughest part but painting your DIY bricks is the best part. What's good with this DIY is that you can save money and push your creative skills too. So, if you're thinking on how to redesign your house try this DIY Brick Painting.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love how they looked like stacked cake on your kitchen counters.
    Nice one :D


    1. Hi Eleigh! My relatives thought of cakes too when they saw what we did. Funny.

    2. Hi Eleigh! My relatives thought of cakes too when they saw what we did. Funny.


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