Life Lately: May 2015

by - Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Woah! I can't believe it's already May. Days passed by really quick. How are you guys doing?

I had a very busy March and April and as you can see my blog became stagnant the passed two months. Well, it's because my new job demands more time and attention (have I mentioned it before?) Being an employee on a large company is a stressful job but who cares if you needed money, right?
I just have to be more patient and determined to do my responsibilities. I also don't want to disappoint my superiors and would really try my best to stay longer, in order for me to support my graduate studies and at the same time to learn and explore things out as well. Honestly, most of the time I did enjoy the work, I went to different government offices and have handled different types of people. But still pressure is too much at times. Anyway, that was just normal for that position.

So much for that, okay. Let's move on.

Today, I went home a bit earlier so, I thought I could use some time to open my blog and make a post. I just realized that I haven't shared yet what happened lately. Well, the last few days my grandparents went to the city to visit us and since they were here, we spent most of the time available to chat, visit other relatives and travel outside Manila.

Bought this cute "magic roses" to spice up my office table. They're so cute and vibrant. Adds color and energy on my work area.

We went to the airport to welcome our grandparents and aunt. Then, after a few days my youngest sister celebrated her birthday (we tried our best to make it simple yet special for her). 

Then, we went to Antipolo City for fiesta.

A special day with lolo and lola,

And just this Labor day, May 1, we managed to squeeze in a bit of travel outside Manila. We went to Tagaytay city and had lunch at Picnic Grove. We bought fruits and Buko pies and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, the weather is so hot that we cancelled visiting other places.

And last Sunday, we attended the morning Mass at The Divine Mercy Shrine, Marilao, Bulacan with lola and my aunts. This picture above is for fetching Holy water. It is said that the Holy Water could cure illnesses and make you feel better.

So, that's what occupied me lately. How I wish my days would be longer so I could still attend graduate school classes. We haven't gone to the pool or the beach yet, but we're hoping. How about you? How's your summer vacation?

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  1. The new look of your blog is so lovely! I As far as i can rem this isn't your blogskin before. Yay! Sorry for just visiting here now, been occupied with random things as well.

    Nice pictures! I would love to go there at the Divine Mercy Shrine too.

    1. hi maria! yah! I just change my blogskin. thank you for visiting my blog again. your blog is still the lovely blog i know. sharing things like this is what kept bloggers like us motivated. That's why even once in a while I try to make a blog post.

      Cheers for our blogs!

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  2. Admin, if not okay please remove!

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