Personalized Name Frame

by - Sunday, January 08, 2012

Want to print and put your name or a friend's name in a cute frame? A perfect gift idea. Simple but unique and personal.

And now, I'm going to share to you how to make this easy DIY.

First, you should have a clean workplace with all the materials you need.

Materials needed:
a frame you want to decorate
colored papers
bond papers

After setting up the things you needed, you can now start by taking away the design or the picture attached on the frame you had. Just be careful with the glass okay.

Then, cut some colored papers, make sure it would fit the frame. You can use any color you want.

Now, you can draw the design you want. Here, you have to do a little bit of lettering for the names that you're planning to use. Be creative!

After that, spread some glue on the letters that you wrote. Make sure that you spread it evenly and no bubbles were formed on the paper. Next, sprinkle the glitters. Be careful not to wipe your eyes with glitters!

Brush the excess glitters on the side of the letters with a dry paint brush or try turning the paper down and tap it not too gently so that excess glitters would fall down.

Let your design dry up for few minutes, then you can paste it on a bond paper which would serve as a background.You could also use pretty gift wrappers on this.

You could also add another piece of colored paper so that it would look better and colorful. This layer could emphasize your design.

The back of your design would look like this. Make sure that everything dried up before putting it on the frame.

And now you have your own version of Name Frame! Yipee! It's really that simple and easy to make. Plus this DIY is very flexible. Just be creative and be resourceful.

This is a good gift for your friend instead of the old frames we used to buy. This way the frame looks a lot special than before. And you only spend less for this. Perfect gift for a perfect peer.

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