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DIY Toy Restoration

By Saturday, June 30, 2012 ,

Dad gave us a task to do yesterday just before lunch was cooked. He gave us a toy, a dog display to "restore" or "repaint" to make it look like brand  new. And I thought toy restoration was difficult but I'm wrong. Repainting an old toy like ours is not difficult at all even though it's made out of felt and some thin plastic I guess. I don't know if we used the right type of paint but it just worked.

What we used are poster paints you can buy from bookstores and some paint brush and that was all. The first thing I did, is to brush out the dirt and dust. Then, start with our first coating of paint...

Here's what it looks like before the first coating. It's really that dirty and old. This little dog display has its place on our van for a couple of years now. I think that's the effect of sun's heat and pollution.

Then, I used white poster color as a primer and then, chose brown for the base color. Then I put some darker brown spots to make it more lively. 

And it turned out like this, more alive and colorful. It was a good thing poster colors can work on felt. Now we had a cute dog display that almost looked brand new. 

Easy toy restoration for today! The paint seem to fix some scratches too. You can also try restoring or repainting your toys and displays at home. 

If you have any toy you want to restore but you just don't have the time check out these sites coz they offer restoration services.

Things you need to know about restoration:

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