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Scrapbooking is one of my favorite pastime and since I had finished one a few months ago, which you can check out here, I planned to make another one today. However, this time I would look for cheaper ways to make my personal scrapbook because let's admit, scrapbooking sometimes becomes expensive. Especially if you want to make it beautiful and fancy. So, money becomes a problem and I hate it if I want to make my scrapbook and I don't have any materials at hand. But buying those pretty decorative materials is really good because it saves time and it spices up your pages. Me, I always use this Hallmark All about Scrapbooking materials. But as I said I wanted to be more practical so I searched the net looking for cheap scrapbooking ideas.

Here's what I found useful:
And if you think they still cost much here's my own do-it-yourself scrapbook idea that is not expensive and easy to do. Let me share to you my day to day scrapbooking adventure as I tighten my belt and save a few coins instead of buying all the supplies that I would be using. 


Instead of using the ready made scrap books which you can find on bookstores, or those binded handmade papers, or papers with decorative prints I opted to use Manila Paper as my medium (or the book pages that I'm gonna use). It only costs 5 - 8 Php each and it already has it's natural brownish or yellowish color that would be great as backgrounds. 

Manila paper is often used as visual aids at school or as a packaging material but now I'm going to use it as my scrap book pages. Just fold a whole manila paper into 2 giving you 4 divided equal parts. Then, fold it again into two. After that, cut the small squares and you've got  16 scrapbook pages instantly. Imagine that 16 pages with just 8 pesos, that's really cheap.

Next step, is to bind them will you do it? Check this out! Bind them together just like what I did on my recycled notepad. Or you could use a puncher to punch at least two holes on each pages and insert circular rings on it. That way it would be easier to flip the pages. You can also try sewing the pages together if you want. 

Here, I just punched two holes and put a circular ring on each and used a piece of folder to hold the rings better.

Try making your own and check out my first pages the next day. Happy Scrapbooking!

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