by - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another practical way to save you from spending much on scrapbooking is to make your own do-it-yourself Photo frames and picture borders. Instead of buying border stickers and printed frames you can do-it-yourself.

You can easily make borders and frames out of gift wrappers. It's a lot cheaper and you can make several frames on just a piece of wrapper.

What to do:
Choose a nice design of gift wrapper that would compliment your theme or your pictures. Then, draw the shape of borders you prefer. Any shape would do, just make sure it's according to the size of your pictures. If you want to make frames, you can trace the pictures first on the wrapper. After that, you can draw the design of your photo frame. Next, cut out the wrapper and paste the frame and borders on your pictures.

If you want your frames to be a little bit embossed and harder, you can wrap it out on a folder and paste it on your photo. And that's easy as that. It only takes a few minutes and you have your do-it-yourself Photo Frame and Borders.

Happy DIY!

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