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By Friday, August 03, 2012 , ,

This simple paper garland seems to go well with our garden. But this is not just for garden camouflage, it could be a nice piece to spice up your scrapbook. This is another simple DIY for our cheap scrapbooking.

Looking for additional designs for your scrapbook? Paper Garlands would be perfect for that. Today, I would share to you how I made this simple but lovely do-it-yourself  paper garlands.

Things we need:
a piece of string
colored papers

How To:
1. Cut out the shape you want. Make it small and cut several pieces from different colored papers.

2. Take out your string and cut out the length you desire.

3. Assemble the shapes you cut a while ago. Pair them with one another.

4. Lay them down, spread some glue on the other half of each pair.

5. Lay the string on top of the shapes with glue and attach the other half on top of it all.

And that's easy as that! Try making your own. You can use gift wrappers or colored pages of magazines or a phone directory page. Any king of paper would be great. Just Be Creative!

Check this lovely sites for more ideas:




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