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DAY NINE: A simple way to emboss your scrapbook designs

By Monday, August 20, 2012 , ,

Hi guys! Just got back the mood I've been needing the last few days. I think it's because of the wet weather that I'm not really motivated to make some crafts. But now, I'm happy and my hands are aching to finish my Cheap Scrapbook Project

Let's get to work...
Today, I wanted to show you another easy idea to add color to your own cheap scrapbook. Since, most of us are down to putting off the final touches for our scrapbook, this idea came to my mind. Instead of using ready-made scrapbook designs like embossed cardboard decorations, we can make our very own. These embossed cardboard decorations add texture and crafty look to our Cheap Scrapbook Project. Here are some of Hallmark's All About Scrapbooking Embossed cardboard designs which I always love to use.

But since we wanted to make it cheaper, we're doing it the D-I-Y way.

We only need the design we want to embossed, scissors, glue and a piece of cardboard or folder.

You can cut out cute designs from magazines or gift wrappers, you can use old stamps or printed pictures from your computer.

First, cut out the design you want to use. Make sure to leave some spaces outside the design because we're going to cut it out again later. Then, glue it on the cardboard. Let it dry for a while.

Now, cut out the design you have. Cut it carefully and don't leave any unnecessary spaces outside the picture. 

And that's it! You now have your very own embossed cardboard decoration for your scrapbook. Here's another design that I made out of a gift wrapper. 

I used these simple D-I-Y on my cover design. Here's a sneak peek of my Cheap Scrapbook's Cover Page.

Here's a tip:
If you want to make your embossed design to look smooth and somewhat flashy, you can spread some glue on top of it. Cover all area with glue and let it dry completely.


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