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Yipee! Our Scrapbooks are almost done right? Hmp.. I hope my ideas worked well with yours.

So, for our last Cheap Scrapbooking day, I'll share to you how I came up with my cover design. It's not that pretty or stunning but it's the simplicity that makes me proud of my work. Upon thinking of ways to make my cover good-looking, I did a few research and come up with some fabulous ideas from other crafters out there. You can check that below.

About my Cover:

As I said on the DAY TWO of my Cheap Scrapbooking Ideas, my theme would be about my life after college. And I can't think of any proper title aside from that, so that's what I put on the cover, "My Life After College."

For the background, I used an old newspaper and painted it. It's easy because I can paint anything I want and use the colors that goes well with my theme. 

Then, for the page border, I used a metallic colored paper. I just measure the size of the whole page, cut out the metallic colored paper, make an outline for the frame and cut out the inside too. 

Next, the embossed cardboard decoration which I did on our  DAY NINE

Then, I also used some designs like, paper pompoms from Hallmark All About Scrapbooking and some craft puncher cut-outs.

I just put them together and came upon this style. I hope that looks good and your Cheap Scrapbooking Project looks pretty too. And that was it. We're down to our last Cheap Scrapbooking Day, and I was expecting that those techniques I shared to you help you save money and makes your scrapbooking time more fun!

As a summary, 
I used manila papers for my scrapbook pages instead of buying ready made scrapbooks or handmade papers that were costly. 

I also used old cardboard and stained tissue papers to make my own paper tags.

I utilized old magazine pages as backgrounds.

Old rubber mats for customized rubber stamp.

Colored Paper and Pens for captions instead of using printed papers.

Cardboard and gift wrappers for picture border and frames.

Colored papers for mini garlands.

And cardboard again, magazine cut-outs, post stamps or printed pictures to make my own embossed cardboard decorations.

Check these cool ideas:
How to Scrapbook Covers

Can't wait to show you what's inside my Cheap Scrapbook Project!

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