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by - Friday, February 01, 2013

Hi! These are the crochet products that we have made for our customers recently. If you are interested, you can select the product / pattern you want from this album. Browse all our pictures and place you orders on our FACEBOOK PAGE with the name of the item included.


(Note: Name of items are above in orange)

Also available:
Crochet Scrapbook Deco
-set of cute flowers (6pcs.)
-couple butterfly (1pair)

Aside from the available designs above you can try customizing your own crochet product!

Price would be a little higher from our Crochet Collection A but we assure you that it's a lot cheaper than any online stores offering the same kind of product. 

The style and design is up to you. You choose the color and accents for a unique crochet pattern that reflects your personality. You can also send us links of the pattern you found on the web as a start. Then, we'll work together to achieve the look you want.

For inquiries, please leave a comment below or visit our Facebook page for more details.

Products are only available in selected areas around Manila, Philippines.

Thanks for browsing, if you like our products please LIKE our Facebook Page and help us
spread the word. Good day. 

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