DIY Crochet Summer Top

by - Monday, March 18, 2013

I can feel the heat of Summer! 

Are you excited about Summer? Me, I'm looking forward for a fun summer getaway with my whole family that is why I was motivated to accomplish this project really quick. 

Since the weather is HOT, we might opt to wear comfy tank tops and sandos. But to add more style why don't we wear something that's comfortable and at the same time unique. 

I'm talking about wearing crocheted tops. Crochet is not only perfect for the cold season it's also great for summer time. Yeah! You read it right! You can crochet a summer top by yourself and wear it anywhere you want. May it be on an outing, at the beach, at the park and anywhere else under the sun.

(Front look)
This Crochet Summer Top is perfect for any girls out there. The pattern is free and you can add your personal touch into it. Just like what I did with mine. 

(Side View)

You can use any type of yarn or crochet thread that you want. Or you can buy the special yarn that was used on the pattern itself.

(Back View)

To customize the free pattern, I made my Crochet Summer Top in two colors: ecru and pink. The front is all ecru while I divided the back into ecru (lower part) and pink (upper part). 

A Closer look.

This is the sleeves and the collar detail. I change it a bit by alternating the two colors I have.

This is the third crochet project I was also talking about last month on my previous posts. I actually spent a month to complete the whole crochet summer top. I started the project last February 13 and I finished it today. Can you imagine how slow I crocheted? Nah, that was because I can only do my crochet project for about 1-2 hours a day. I still had to do other things aside from crocheting.

Slowly but surely I finished the pattern just in time for summer. If you like this Crochet Summer Top why don't you make one? Please leave a comment below. You can also Follow Me on Facebook, Twitter and my new Pinterest account. You can also join my site via Google Friend Connect that's on my sidebar or Follow me on Google+. Thanks for visiting! Watch out for more Free Crochet Patterns!!

If you want to make this Crochet Summer Top you can check the original pattern on the link below:

Or Visit my RAVELRY ACCOUNT for more free patterns. 

Summer's here!

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  1. Cute crochet top! I've never tried making clothing. Good job!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thanks Tonna! I joined your Submarine Sunday party!!

  2. Hi I am Jei Crochet I am a follower of you blog I am from Cavite Phiippines. I am inviting you to visit my blog It's all about crochet too. I love this top! I would like to try this.

    Cutey Patuty Crochet


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