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by - Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hi! How's everyone?

Have you noticed a few clovers above? I just found out that Irish people celebrates St. Patrick's Day this March and it was symbolized by Shamrocks or clovers. Just in time, I've seen a few clovers on my mom's garden. 

Yeah! My mom had this little garden in front of our house. She has roses, different shrubs, cactus, pandan, spider plant, orchids and lots more.  It was not well maintained but passersby usually turn their heads when they saw mom's roses in full bloom. 

Both my parents had green thumbs, they love planting. But what's more amazing is that they find ways to recycle things on our little garden as well. While others plant on pots, my parents recycle old stuff as pots.

Like these flowers, these were planted on an old basin. Other plants were planted on old tires, milk cans, old plastic tubes and containers.

Clovers here.

And clovers there.

I searched the internet and found out that my parents' recycled plant pots are unique. So, today I'd like to share the pictures with you.

If you like to have a small garden as ours and you have these stuff lying around, grab them and plant into them.


Now is definitely the time to start planting for the future. Help save Mother Earth through gardening and at the same time recycling.

My mom had the idea to use recycled pots on her garden when we had lots of coconut shells to throw away into fire. Well, coconut shells are great substitute for charcoal when you like to cook on fire. So, instead of putting all of them on the fire she used the coconut shell as plant pots.

Coconut shells are great for small herbs and grass. It adds a natural, native look to the garden. You just need two shells cut into halves. Pound the top portion of the other half with a small hammer. Be careful not to pound too hard to avoid breaking the shell just like the one on the picture below.

Then, here's my dad's idea of recycled plant pot...

Instead of throwing away old basketballs he used them as planters.

Cut the old ball into two. The one should be bigger and the other one smaller just so you can turn the ball the other way around.  Cut a small hole on the back of the bigger portion, this would be your recycled plant pot. Add some soil and plant any herbs or flowers.

And that's it! Two unique ways to have your own recycled plant pots. Imagine that, you recycled something and you've started a little garden in no time.  I hope you learn something new from this. If you are using the same stuff as plant pots, why don't you give us a link and show us the picture.

 Let's Recycle Now and Inspire others to do so. 

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Happy Recycling!!

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  1. I love all the greens that you've grown in recycled pots. I have also done one such recycling project. Here's a link:
    Hopped on from Craft O Maniac.

    1. Yours are great ones! My mom would love to make them!! thanks!


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