DIY: Granny Square Purse

by - Sunday, May 26, 2013

What kept me busy the past few days??

Well, I'm trying to learn how to make granny squares from YouTube. And luckily I made something.

The past few days here in the Philippines is not so great because of the sudden changes on the weather  (for me :D). In the morning the Sun was so hot then, on the afternoon the rain  would pour heavily. I don't know but maybe because of the weather changing so abruptly that people here would often be on bad mood. Hmpf.

To ease everything for me I just stayed inside, lay on the couch and fill my stomach. One afternoon, I ate a slice of cake from Tiffany's and drank cold milk just to lessen the  heat around me. So sweet, I don't recommend the combination because after that snack I swear not to eat sweets again.

Well, aside from eating I tried out something...doodling!

I realized I'm not into it. I preferred sketching I guessed. Here's an unfinished doodle of mine.

I'm not satisfied with the outcome beside the fact that I cannot think of anything to draw to fill in the spaces. Haha! It's really disappointing. I have to practice more to get used to doodling. 

Okay, so much for that blah blahs.

I have to share my  latest crochet project with you. This is a milestone for me 'cause it's the first time I learned how to make granny squares. 


Here's the outcome.

A little lavender and cream coin purse which I already gave to my sister.

front view

I crocheted two granny squares using lavender and cream crochet threads. I joined them together on the sides and added the flap and the button.

back view

The pattern is very easy. Just make two granny squares with five rounds. Then change color, add another round. After completing the squares, add 2 rows of single crochet on each sides of the squares. Join them together using single crochets except the top area. Add at least 12 rows of double crochets on the top area for the flap. Don't forget to leave spaces for the button. Sew the button on the appropriate area and that's it! As simple as that.

Want to learn How to make Granny Squares??

Check out my Facebook Page for the best tutorial video link!!!!
Wanna try the simple way? Check my Crochet Coin Purse tutorial HERE.

More Granny Squares to come! 

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  1. Cute purse. I like it!

  2. How cute is this? I have 4 granddaughters who would love one of these! Thanks. I discovered you over at What's Shaking party. Pinned this and will be keeping up with your crafty ideas!

    Drop by my kitchen.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Tumbleweed Contessa


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