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Free Crochet Coin Purse pattern

By Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I've accomplished lately, a very easy to make Crochet Coin Purse. This pattern is again perfect for beginners like me. The free pattern would just take you half an hour and you'll have a cute little crochet purse to use. You can make many of this in different color combinations.

Today, I won't be using crochet thread instead I bought an ordinary craft yarn that's available here in the Philippines. It's about 10 - 15 pesos and you can buy them at the school supplies stores or even at the nearest sari-sari stores. So, let's get started...

What you need:

2 rolls of yarn in different colors (but it depends on you though)
yarn needle
a piece of button

The Pattern

Free Crochet Coin Purse Pattern

The Body

Chain 13, single crochet on the 2nd chain from the hook across all the remaining chains. On the last, chain, slip stitch and chain 1.

Now, work on the other side of the chain and work single crochets on all the chain stitches. Slip Stitch on the first sc you made and chain 1.

Row 1-14: work sc across all the stitches, sl st and chain 1. Repeat until you have 14 rows of sc. (You can alter the height of the pattern here. If you want it to be taller add few rows if you want your to be smaller just remove some rows.)

Row 15: work sc across all the stitches, on the last stitch chain 22 (for the handle), sl st on the 1st single crochet. lock the yarn in place and cut excess.

For the Flap

Change the color of yarn. Slip stitch to the 1st st. Single crochet across the back part of the pattern, chain 1 and turn. (Row 1)

Row 2-10: sc across all the stitches of the first row, chain 1, turn. Repeat until you have ten rows.

Row11: Sc across only until halfway of the back part of the pattern. This would be the hole for the button. Leave at least 3 stitch spaces, sl st on the next stitch and sc across remaining st. Chain 1, turn.

Row 12: Single crochet across all stitches. Pull and lock the yarn in place. Cut excess.

Attach button on the front side of the body.

And you're done! Use your very own Crochet Coin Purse!

For more Crochet Coin Purse Inspiration Check It HERE
Want to make a cute crochet coin purse using crochet thread. Check my easy tutorial HERE.

Enjoy your crochet coin purse!

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